Theodore Roosevelt Timelines

Although Theodore Roosevelt lived a brief 60 years, he led an astoundingly full, energetic and productive life. He was a decisive statesman who dedicated his presidency to reform, military preparedness, conservation and his personal belief that it was his destiny to bring America to the forefront of world power in the 20th Century. Roosevelt was an intellectual who wrote nearly 40 books, an avid reader, and an enthusiastic researcher. He was a natural risk-taker who loved adventure, sports, and big game hunting. From his first trip to the American West, he became enamored with the Badlands in what is now western North Dakota and he attributed his future political success to his experiences there. He was also a devoted husband and father, whose wife and children were the center of his life. Browse the timelines below to explore important dates in Roosevelt’s public and private life, as well as his time in Dakota Territory.



A Brief Overview of the Life of Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt in the Badlands

World War I