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The themes below delineate the many facets of TR’s life, passions and political career. Included in each theme are relevant articles about Roosevelt’s opinions, roles and actions pertaining to the issues discussed in each theme.

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Capitalism and Labor

Learn about Roosevelt’s relationship with business owners, laborers, financiers, and reform legislation of the era.


Learn about Roosevelt’s role in the protection of many of our natural resources.

Culture and Society

Learn more about the Progressive Era reforms of Roosevelt's time, as well as the celebrity aspect of his presidency and his relationship with journalists.

Dakota and Ranching

Learn about Roosevelt's adventures in the West during the 1880s, where he grew in inner strength, self confidence and physical stamina.

Family and Friends

Learn about Roosevelt's family and closest friends.

Foreign Affairs

Learn about the diplomatic initiatives of Roosevelt's administration.

Law and Justice

Though Roosevelt attended law school for a short time, questions of legal procedure and precedent interested him much less than questions of justice and morality.

Politics and Government

Learn about the important topics, events, and people in Roosevelt’s political life.

Race, Ethnicity and Gender

Learn about the conditions faced by Native Americans, Asian Americans, African Americans, women, immigrants, and religious minorities, and examine Roosevelt’s opinions and actions toward them.

Reading and Writing

Learn about Roosevelt's intellectual life.

Strenuous Life

Learn about Roosevelt’s opinions on the strenuous life and how they affected his life and career.

War and Military Affairs

Learn about the wars, armed forces and military leaders during Roosevelt’s lifetime.