Advisory Board

The Theodore Roosevelt Center Advisory Board consists of a remarkably talented and dedicated group of historians, scholars, librarians and educators, including representatives from the Library of Congress, the State Historical Society of North Dakota and the National Park Service.

Our Advisory Board Members:

Dr. H. W. Brands, Dickson Allen Anderson Centennial Professor of History, University of Texas at Austin

Dr. Douglas Brinkley, Professor of History, Rice University, and Fellow in History, James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy

Dr. Kathleen Dalton, Cecil F. P. Bancroft Instructor of History and Social Science, Co-director, Brace Center for Gender Studies at Philips Academy

Prof. Patricia O'Toole, Associate Professor, Columbia University School of the Arts - Writing

Dr. James Hutson, Chief of the Manuscript Division, Library of Congress

Ms. Valerie Naylor, Former Superintendent, Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Mr. Tom Ross, Superintendent, Sagamore Hill National Historic Site

Mr. Simon Roosevelt

Ms. Kirsten Baesler, Superintendent of Public Instruction, State of North Dakota

Ms. Claudia Berg, Director, State Historical Society of North Dakota

Dr. W. Joseph King, Executive Director, National Institute for Technology in Liberal Education

Mr. Jack Robertson, Foundation Librarian, Thomas Jefferson Library

Dr. Daniel Stowell, Director and Editor, The Papers of Abraham Lincoln