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Hepburn Act

The Hepburn Act of 1906 was a bill that fortified the powers of the Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) and strengthened federal regulation of railroads. - Learn About TR

Interstate Commerce Act

The Interstate Commerce Act was used by President Theodore Roosevelt to regulate America's railroads. - Learn About TR

Elkins Act

The Elkins Act of 1903 was named for Senator Stephen B. Elkins of West Virginia. This piece of legislation was championed by the Pennsylvania Railroad as a way to end the practice of rebates. - Learn About TR

Letter from Brooks Adams to Theodore Roosevelt

Brooks Adams explains to President Roosevelt his reservations about passing the Hep... Letter - 1906-05-01 - Digital Library Record


Railroads played a crucial role in the Progressive Era as providers of transportation and targets of regulation. Though critical of railroad monopolies, Theodore Roosevelt respected railroad employees.  - Learn About TR

Letter from Charles Stedman Hanks to Theodore Roosevelt

Charles Stedman Hanks gives his opinion on what will make the Hepburn Act more successful and what... Letter - 1907-01-10 - Digital Library Record

Letter from Brooks Adams to Theodore Roosevelt

Brooks Adams writes to President Roosevelt providing his interpretation of the action the Supreme ... Letter - 1906-05-05 - Digital Library Record

The Square Deal

The Square Deal is the name given to Theodore Roosevelt’s domestic legislative program. - Learn About TR

Letter to Theodore Roosevelt

This letter endorses President Roosevelt's administration and mentions his enforcement of "Inter-S... Letter - 1906 - Digital Library Record

Gives answer to senator Long's letter

Article discussing the Dolliver Bill, Hepburn Act, and decisions regarding the Interstate Commerc... Newspaper article - 1906-01-25 - Digital Library Record

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