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Letter from William Wingate Sewall to S. Y. Sewall
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Letter from William Wingate Sewall to S. Y. Sewall


State Historical Society of North Dakota


William Wingate Sewall describes the pursuit and capture of three thieves that stole a boat from Theodore Roosevelt. The boat, the best one on the Little Missouri River, had been purchased by Roosevelt in Saint Paul, Minnesota, and it was very useful. Sewall and Wilmot Dow built a new boat and they headed after the thieves a few days after the boat went missing. The thieves were captured without violence and Roosevelt accompanied them to Dickinson, Dakota Territory, for trial. Sewall and Dow continued down the river with the boats to Mandan, Dakota Territory, and then took a train back to Medora, Dakota Territory.

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Sewall, William Wingate, 1845-1930


Sewall, S. Y.

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Letter from William Wingate Sewall to S. Y. Sewall. Theodore Roosevelt Digital Library. Dickinson State University.
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