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Letter from Theodore Roosevelt to Lyman Abbott
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Letter from Theodore Roosevelt to Lyman Abbott


Library of Congress Manuscript Division


President Roosevelt describes to Lyman Abbott a recent meeting with Episcopal bishops and clergy, including two African Americans. The two men were received without incident, and Roosevelt finds it odd that he could have these men in the White House without a problem but inspires controversy for dining with Booker T. Washington or appointing an African American in the South. While President, Roosevelt does not recall ever scolding the South, but he feels it would be worse to “let them think that they were blameless.” He also notes that Senator Arthur P. Gorman of Maryland is campaigning "largely on the race issue," even distributing a campaign button depicting Roosevelt dining with Washington. Gorman has also denounced Roosevelt as "against the business interests," which leads Roosevelt to believe that the Rockefellers back Gorman as they do mayoral candidate George B. McClellan in New York.

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Roosevelt, Theodore, 1858-1919


Abbott, Lyman, 1835-1922

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Letter from Theodore Roosevelt to Lyman Abbott. Theodore Roosevelt Papers. Library of Congress Manuscript Division. Theodore Roosevelt Digital Library. Dickinson State University.
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