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Letter from Theodore Roosevelt to Pierre de Coubertin
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Letter from Theodore Roosevelt to Pierre de Coubertin


Library of Congress Manuscript Division


President Roosevelt agrees with Pierre de Coubertin about muscle memory in growing males and adds his own points to Coubertin's theory. As examples, Roosevelt describes his sons' (Archibald, Kermit, and Theodore) and his own athletic interests and abilities. He comments on Coubertin's opposing viewpoint to most English men - that physical development should be the "be-all and the of life" - and agrees that young males should experiment with all forms of exercise and sports in order to keep up "a reasonable acquaintance with them" in later years.

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Roosevelt, Theodore, 1858-1919


Coubertin, Pierre de, 1863-1937

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Letter from Theodore Roosevelt to Pierre de Coubertin. Theodore Roosevelt Papers. Library of Congress Manuscript Division. Theodore Roosevelt Digital Library. Dickinson State University.
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