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Dresden Literary American Club: Club Book
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Dresden Literary American Club: Club Book


Harvard College Library


A notebook with short stories, poetry and some riddles composed by Theodore Roosevelt, Corinne Roosevelt, Elliott Roosevelt, John Elliott and Maud Elliot during their time together in Dresden, Germany.  The last two pages consist of French conjugations. The front and end pages consist of rough sketched maps.

Entries for July 20, 1873: Morning calls among the dogs, part 1 by T. Roosevelt; Mrs. Doolittle's adventures in Germany by J. Elliott: My Ghost by E. Roosevelt; Riddles by M. Elliott; and, Criticisms by C. Roosevelt.

Entries for September 7, 1873: The party, part 1 by J. Elliott; Nonsense Verses and Our journey to Samaden by E. Roosevelt; The night by C. Roosevelt; and, Morning calls among the dogs, part 2 by T. Roosevelt.

Entries for September 15, 1873: Adventures in Shopping? by T. Roosevelt; Just my luck by E. Roosevelt; The party, part 2 by J. Elliott; The broken ring by C. Roosevelt; and, Portrait of a quiet man by M. Elliott.

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Roosevelt, Theodore, 1858-1919; Robinson, Corinne Roosevelt, 1861-1933; Roosevelt, Elliott, 1860-1894; Elliott, John; Elliott, Maud

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Dresden Literary American Club: Club Book. Theodore Roosevelt Collection. MS Am 1785.5 (12). Harvard College Library. Theodore Roosevelt Digital Library. Dickinson State University.
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