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Letter from William Wingate Sewall to S. Y. Sewall
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Letter from William Wingate Sewall to S. Y. Sewall


State Historical Society of North Dakota


William Wingate Sewall has been "holding the fort" at the ranch while the other ranch hands are on the roundup. The weather has been nice and he's been spending time tending the garden. Sewall doesn't think Dakota Territory is very good for farming but the cattle are doing well. He hopes that Theodore Roosevelt won't lose money on the cattle but doubts he can ever make much profit. Sewall accompanied Roosevelt on a recent hunt and Roosevelt killed a large Elk. He hopes to go on his own hunt with Wilmot Dow when the weather is cooler. Sewall is now into his last two years in Dakota Territory and it will be a "joyful day" when he returns home to Maine.

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Sewall, William Wingate, 1845-1930


Sewall, S. Y.

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Letter from William Wingate Sewall to S. Y. Sewall. Theodore Roosevelt Digital Library. Dickinson State University.
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