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Letter from Theodore Roosevelt to Hugo Munsterberg
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Letter from Theodore Roosevelt to Hugo Munsterberg


Library of Congress Manuscript Division


Theodore Roosevelt doesn't believe there can be a satisfactory peace until the wrongs against Belgium have been redressed. He thinks that most Germans acted out of an "honorable fear" but a small portion, including many German leaders, have pursued an aggressive foreign policy regardless of the rights of other nations and international morality. Belgium has been ruined and Roosevelt wants them to receive reparations and a guarantee that the wrongs will not be repeated. He agrees that Russians are backwards but argues that liberal ideas are gaining ground and that a liberal Russia will prevent "Asiatic rule over Europe." Roosevelt is not a pacifist and seeks peace on "putting international force behind an international desire to secure at least a reasonable approximation toward justice and fair play."

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Roosevelt, Theodore, 1858-1919


Mu╠łnsterberg, Hugo, 1863-1916

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Letter from Theodore Roosevelt to Hugo Munsterberg. Theodore Roosevelt Papers. Library of Congress Manuscript Division. Theodore Roosevelt Digital Library. Dickinson State University.
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