Theodore Roosevelt Island National Memorial

Theodore Roosevelt Island is located in the Potomac River in Washington, D.C. The island was purchased in 1931 by the Theodore Roosevelt Association with the intention of building a memorial for Roosevelt and given to the National Park Service for administration. The Island memorial was dedicated in 1967 and includes a seventeen-foot statue of Roosevelt.

Like many national historic sites, the memorial is supported by a non-profit volunteer organization which helps to advance the goals of the National Park Service for the site. Friends of Theodore Roosevelt Island, recently incorporated, has already helped to get the moats and fountains repaired, to re-open the restrooms, to combat invasive species on the island, and to develop more programming and activities for the public.

The materials from Theodore Roosevelt Island were digitized by National Park staff for their own research services before the formation of the Theodore Roosevelt Digital Library. The materials, later generously donated to the digital library, were cataloged by our staff. The items in this collection document the history of the Island as well as the development and maintenance of the Roosevelt memorial. Click here to view items from this collection in the digital library.