State Historical Society of North Dakota

“Our route was through about as wild and unsettled a [part] of the country as can be found now so the people here say and the oldest heads seemed to think thare might be some danger but we saw nothing worse than ourselves,” writes William Sewall to his brother in 1885.

The State Historical Society of North Dakota, based in Bismarck, is the official repository of the historic records of state and local governments in North Dakota. Diaries, letters, photos, maps, and other unpublished materials can all be found in the State Archives.

Materials in this collection include letters from William Sewall, who with his nephew Wilmot Dow managed TR’s Elkhorn Ranch from 1884 to 1886; records describing the role of the Daughters of the American Revolution in preserving the Theodore Roosevelt cabin, as well as documents describing Roosevelt’s 1903 visit to Bismarck.

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