Library of Congress Theodore Roosevelt Papers

Between the years 1916 and 1939, former president Theodore Roosevelt and Edith Kermit Carow Roosevelt presented Theodore Roosevelt’s papers to the Library of Congress. Since that time, materials from various sources have been added to the collection.

The collection includes letters from and to Roosevelt throughout his life, newspaper and magazine clippings, copies of speeches and executive orders, press releases, personal and desk diaries, reception books, scrapbooks and other miscellaneous materials.

The collection was microfilmed in the 1960s during the Presidential Papers Project. The Theodore Roosevelt Center’s digital scans were made from the 485 reels of microfilm created at that time. The quality of the digitized documents therefore reflects that of the original microfilm. As resources allow, new scans will be made of documents deemed too difficult to read from the microfilm version.

Because of the size of the collection, estimated at over 150,000 documents, the TR Center is releasing items into the digital library as they are cataloged and reviewed. Beginning with items from Roosevelt's presidency, materials have been released from late 1901 to the fall of 1903. Materials following that period are being reviewed for metadata and copyright concerns, and new additions are available in the digital library each week. In addition, to mark the Progressive Party centennial, we are processing correspondence to and from Roosevelt in 1911-1912, particularly letters from significant figures in the Progressive Party. Click here to view items from this collection in the digital library.

The Library of Congress Finding Aid can be found here (PDF), with an added section that details the beginning and ending of each series within the microfilm reels.