Gregory A. Wynn Theodore Roosevelt Collection

Gregory A. Wynn was introduced to Theodore Roosevelt in his teens, and he soon became a serious TR student and collector. Among his personal collection, Wynn holds more than 130 pieces of sheet music written between 1893 and 1941, dedicated to TR or to members of his family (e.g. Alice and Ted, Jr.). Theodore Roosevelt’s prominence in the American consciousness of the times is clear from the variety, color, and number of these marches, songs, and rags.

Gregory A. Wynn's comments about this collection may be found here.

This collection was digitized with the cooperation of the staff at Sagamore Hill National Historic Site. The sheet music was digitized and cataloged on site at Sagamore Hill and then received by digital library staff. Click here to view items from this collection in the Theodore Roosevelt Digital Library.

Note: The Theodore Roosevelt Center has not only digitized the sheet music but, with partial funding from the North Dakota Council on the Arts, has also recorded several of these selections. The audio files appear as separate records in the Dickinson State University collection. Search for the audio files with "Dickinson State University audio" or look for them in the "Related Digital Library Items" area.