World War I


January 3

TR progresses up the Paraguay River, Brazil. Watches parakeets building their nests

February 27

Roosevelt-Rondon Expedition starts its descent of the River of Doubt

May 19

TR returns to NYC from South America. He is 35 pounds thinner than when he departed

May 26

TR calls on President Wilson while visiting the National Museum in Washington, DC


June 28

Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and his wife are assassinated in Sarajevo


June 30

TR speaks at the Exposition Hall in Pittsburgh, PA. He attacks Wilson's economic policies



The Panama Canal is opened at a total cost to taxpayers of $223,000,000

August 1

Germany declares war on Russia. European war plans and alliance systems come into play


August 4

Germany declares war on neutral Belgium. England joins war

September 15

First trenches of the Western front are dug


September 23

TR article in the Outlook calls for support of the Wilson administration as long as the policy upheld the "honor and interests of our Nation" and was helpful in the cause of "permanent and righteous world peace."


November 6

When European war does not end in three months as widely prophesized, TR publishes the first of many syndicated articles openly critical of Wilson's neutrality.


April 13

TR is a pallbearer at the funeral of Professor Thomas Lounsbury. Former president William Howard Taft is also a pallbearer.

May 7

U-boat sinks the Lusitania, killing 1,198 civilians including 128 Americans

June 17

TR writes to Arthur Lee about his frustration over the direction the U.S. is taking in the Lusitania affair

August 30

Germany stops sinking ships without warning


March 9

In Port of Spain, Trinidad, TR makes a statement to the press, "I do not wish the [Republican] nomination ... It would be a mistake to nominate me unless the country has in its mood something of the heroic."

April 19

President Wilson publicly warns Germany not to continue unrestricted submarine warfare policies


Archie and Quentin are at Plattsburg, training for military service

October 12

TR protests the actions of the German submarine U-53 off American shores

November 7

Woodrow Wilson re-elected President of the United States with the campaign slogan: "He kept us out of war."


January 28

TR answers Wilson's "Peace Without Victory" speech in the morning papers


February 1

Germany again declares unrestricted submarine warfare

February 20

TR writes to Henry Cabot Lodge about his doubts on Wilson going to war under any circumstances

April 6

US declares war on Germany

April 10

TR visits President Wilson at the White House. He asks for permission to lead a division of soldiers. Wilson denies his request.


TR's messages to soldiers appear in American Bible Society Soldier's Bibles

July 3

The first wave of the American Expeditionary Force lands in France


Ted is given a regular command in the 26th Infantry


Kermit becomes a captain in the British Corps of Sappers, Mesopotamia

October 23

American troops in France fire their first shot in trench warfare


January 8

President Woodrow Wilson declares his 14 points as the path to permanent world peace

  March 3

Russian Bolsheviks sign a treaty leaving the war


March 12

Archie is badly wounded in France. One kneecap is severely damaged and his left arm is fractured. He receives the Croix de Guerre

  July 10

Quentin shoots down a German plane. He attacks three fighters at the same time

  July 18

Quentin dies in combat

  July 19

Ted is badly wounded by machine gun fire

  August 3

President Wilson agrees to co-operate with Allies in sending "volunteer" troops into Russia

  November 9

Abdication of Kaiser Wilhelm II announced in Berlin

  November 11

Armistice signed by Germany

  December 4

Woodrow Wilson sets sail for the Paris Peace conference

1919 January 6

Roosevelt dies at Oyster Bay, NY


Allies' military intervention in Russia is secretly agreed to

  September 25

Wilson collapses and his whistle-stop tour of the country is over

1920 March 19

Final rejection by US Senate of the Versailles Treaty with embedded League of Nations Covenant

1921 July

War with Germany finally declared over by Joint Resolution of Congress signed by Warren G. Harding