TR in the Badlands

1858  October 27 TR born in New York City
1880   Graduates from Harvard College; Marries Alice Hathaway Lee
1883 September 7-25 First visit to the Dakota badlands, TR buys the Maltese Cross Ranch
1884 February 14 TR’s wife Alice and mother Mittie die in New York
  June 9 Returns to badlands: establishes Elkhorn Ranch
  August- September Hunting trip to Big Horn Mountains
  December 19 TR organizes Little Missouri River Stockmen’s Association
1885 April Probable date of the episode in Mingusville
  September Near-duel with Marquis de Mores
1886 March-April The capture of the boat thieves
  July 5 “I like big things” Independence Day oration in Dickinson
  December 2 Marries Edith Kermit Carow in London, England
1887 April TR visits Dakota to survey his cattle losses
1888   Brief hunting visit
1889   Brief hunting visit
1890 September 2-8 TR, Edith, Corinne, Bamie, and others visit Elkhorn Ranch
1891   Brief hunting visit
1892   Inspection tour of Indian Reservations, hunting at Elkhorn
1893   Brief hunting trip
1894   Hunting trip
1896   Hunting at Elkhorn
1898   Sells his remaining cattle interests in Dakota
  July 1 TR and Rough Riders assault Kettle and San Juan hills in Cuba
1900   Whistle stop in Medora: “here the romance of my life began”
1901 September 14 TR becomes 26th President of the United States
1903   Whistle stop in Medora
1909 March TR leaves Presidency, embarks on safari in East Africa
1911   Whistle stop in Medora
1912   Passes through Medora without stopping; the failed Bull Moose campaign
1913   TR explores River of Doubt in South America: “my last chance to be a boy”
1918   Whistle stop in Medora
1919 January 6 Roosevelt dies at Oyster Bay, NY