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Sagamore Hill

Sagamore Hill was the Theodore Roosevelt family home in Cove Neck, on Long Island, in New York State.

Schrank, John Flammang

John Flammang Schrank (March 5, 1876-September 15, 1943) attempted to assassinate Theodore Roosevelt on October 14, 1912.

Sewall, William

William Wingate Sewall (1845-1930) was the first child born to Levi and Rebecca Sewall in Island Falls, Maine. Sewall’s childhood was spent hunting and exploring in the Maine woods. His love for those forests stayed with Sewall throughout his life. 

Sherman Act

Passed after a series of large corporate mergers during the 1880s, the Sherman Act enabled government departments and private individuals to use the court system to break up any organization or contract alleged to be in restraint of trade.

Simms, Ruth Hanna McCormick

Ruth Hanna McCormick Simms was a United States Representative from Illinois and a prominent advocate for women’s suffrage.

Smoot, Reed

Reed Smoot was a Republican Senator from Utah for whom Theodore Roosevelt's support was necessary to ensure his being seated in the Senate.

Sons' Involvement in World War II

Theodore Roosevelt’s four sons inherited their father’s burning desire to serve in uniform when duty called. Given their father’s heroics during his own crowded hour, it would have been nearly impossible for TR’s sons not to test themselves in the crucible of battle.

Spanish-American War

The Spanish-American War began on April 25, 1898, when the United States declared war against Spain on behalf of Spain’s colony, Cuba.  Cubans had been agitating for freedom from Spanish rule for several decades. 

Stickney, Victor Hugo

Dr. Victor Hugo Stickney was the only doctor in western Dakota Territory during Roosevelt’s years in the badlands. He first met Theodore Roosevelt in April 1886, and they became good friends.

Storer, Maria Longworth Nichols

Born March 20, 1849, to a wealthy founding family of Cincinnati, Ohio, Maria Longworth became an accomplished artist.