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Packard, A. T.

Arthur T. Packard (1860-1931) was a frontier newspaperman, law enforcement officer, and friend to Theodore Roosevelt.

Peabody, Endicott

Endicott “Cotty” Peabody (1857-1944) was a life-long friend of Theodore Roosevelt’s. The two met while they were in college, and Peabody—with Roosevelt’s backing—would go on to found Groton School in 1884 and serve, for 56 years, as its first headmaster.

Philippine-American Conflict

The Philippine-American Conflict developed out of the Philippine struggle for independence from Spain. This struggle was played out both in Cuba and in the Philippines.

Pinchot, Gifford

Gifford Pinchot promoted conservationism—the efficient management of natural resources by trained professionals. He was the first head of the U.S. Forest Service, appointed by President Theodore Roosevelt.

Platt Amendment

The Platt Amendment established the framework for U.S.-Cuban relations between 1901 and 1934. It was devised by a congressional subcommittee chaired by Senator Orville Platt of Connecticut. The amendment limited Cuba’s treaty-making powers, restricted Cuba’s foreign debts, gave the U.S. the right to intervene to preserve Cuban independence, allowed a U.S. naval base at Guantánamo Bay, and initiated sanitation and health care efforts designed to lure U.S. investors to the island.

Puck Magazine

Puck Magazine was the creation of Austrian immigrant Joseph Keppler.