A nationwide network of volunteers assist in the documenting and cataloging of the multitude of Theodore Roosevelt related documents, photographs, cartoons, films and artifacts. Volunteers with an interest in history and attention to detail are encouraged to help the TR Center advance this important and exciting project.

Our volunteers are trained in our content management system and taught how to use our subject heading system before we let them loose in over 150,000 documents from the Library of Congress collection.


Click here for a description of the volunteer position (PDF)

Please contact us for more information about volunteering for the TR Center.

Note: The Volunteer Program is currently not accepting new volunteers while we go through changes in technology.

Current volunteers: You can now report hours volunteered and items completed on this convenient form, “Tracking Our Progress,” and submit it every time you catalog!

Meet the current Theodore Roosevelt volunteers:


Amy B.
Becca W.
Brenda G.
Brianna L.
Brooke P.
Carole T.
Inge Z.
C.J. Moore
Elise D.
Elizabeth D.
Gary B.
Gay G.
Douglas S.
Irvin W.
Jenifer G.
Joe C.
Joelle F.
John G.
John L.
John O.
John W.
Joseph S.
Kiley F.
Kathleen D.
Kurt S.
Linda H.
Linda M.
Sue J.
Melanie V.
Pam H.
Paula M.
Rachel T.
Seth S.
Rebecca P.
Nikita M.
Susie S.
Suzanne L.
Ted R.
Ted G.
Tracy D.
Trevor N.
Deb. Z.
Emily N.
Kay W.
Sara S.
Marleen C.
Polina V.
Krystal Y.
 Karen S.
Natalie C.