What would TR do?

Nov 26, 2012


Have you ever wanted to ask Theodore Roosevelt what he was thinking? Students in grades 6-12 have that opportunity this week, when the Theodore Roosevelt Center presents a live interactive visit with the 26th president.* TR (portrayed by humanities scholar Clay Jenkinson) will discuss his views on America’s role in the world, including his actions in Cuba, Panama, South America, and the Philippines.

Roosevelt was sometimes portrayed as an imperialist, asserting power over other nations.

The News Reaches Bogota

And some of his writings may seem strange, even offensive, to our ideals today.

Most Righteous of all Wars

However, like any historical figure, TR must be evaluated according to the mores and principles of his time, and in his own context. In letters and speeches, Roosevelt explained his policies and actions. Read TR’s own words at PPSP 2012, and join in the conversation tomorrow at 9 a.m. or 1 p.m. MST.

Classrooms wishing to participate should register at The session is also being streamed live at (click on “Live Videos” to view the session).


*This presentation is part of the Presidential Primary Sources Project, a national collaboration of presidential sites and libraries and the Internet2 K20 Initiative, presenting primary sources to classrooms throughout the country. Earlier this month the George H. W. Bush Library discussed the fall of the Berlin Wall and President Bush’s role in supporting pro-democracy movements in Eastern Europe. The Truman Library described the crisis of the Berlin blockade and President Truman’s response to protect democracy in Europe. To view these archived sessions or to register a classroom to participate in the upcoming live events, visit

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