Volunteer Spotlight: Susan from Dickinson

Jan 11, 2011

We’re continuing our series here on the Theodore Roosevelt blog to highlight our volunteers and what they bring to our digital library project. Our next volunteer to spotlight is Susan from Dickinson.

Susan grew up in northern Colorado, and began her career after attending college in suburban Washington, D. C. She worked in Virginia, Colorado, and Minnesota before relocating to southwestern North Dakota with her husband in 2008. She is currently the Associate Director of Technology with the Dickinson State University Strom Center in Dickinson.

What motivated you to become a Theodore Roosevelt Center digital library volunteer?

Since moving to North Dakota and Dickinson State University, I realized how little I know about Roosevelt. I love libraries and technology, and this seemed like a very good way to learn about something that is important to the area and to contribute to the project.

What has been your favorite part of volunteering?

Learning about the era and the people of that time and finding answers to questions – who was this person, what was the context for their letter to Roosevelt, and how does this fit with the other happenings at that time.

What has been the most challenging part of volunteering?

Finding the time. The work is fascinating and it would be easy to spend days working on the materials.

Tell me your favorite “discovery” while cataloging.

Learning that there was a telegraph connection between Europe and the US as early as the late 1800’s.

What do you think a potential volunteer needs to have or to know to join the project?

Willingness to do the work correctly and to learn. There is often a need to research and discover details, and not every search is successful the first – or even the second or third – time.

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