Volunteer Spotlight: Sue from Dickinson

Jan 04, 2011

We’re continuing our series here on the Theodore Roosevelt blog to highlight our volunteers and what they bring to our digital library project. Our next volunteer to spotlight is Sue from Dickinson.

 Sue Jackson, One of our volunteers

Sue is originally from Fargo, North Dakota and attended North Dakota State University for Music Education. She also has her Masters of Arts in Biblical Studies from the University of Notre Dame. She is currently a teacher in Dickinson Catholic Schools and here at Dickinson State University though she is semi-retired. Sue enjoys reading, baking, traveling, and gardening. Her and her husband Gene have five children and ten grandchildren to keep them busy.

What motivated you to become a Theodore Roosevelt Center digital library volunteer?

Definitely the Dickinson State University Theodore Roosevelt Symposiums. I have enjoyed each one and feel a sense of pride that our university and surrounding area are making such a substantial contribution in the global community of interested scholars.

What has been your favorite part of volunteering?

Quiet time to read and reflect on Teddy Roosevelt as a private sensitive man and world leader.

What has been the most challenging part of volunteering?

Working this commitment into our very busy schedule. Hopefully, once the New Year comes, I can focus on things I enjoy and be more consistent.

Tell me your favorite “discovery” while cataloging.

I may have this a bit skewed but I recall reading about some discrepancies regarding a German Ambassador: was he legitimate or not? There was much to do about his appointment as he continued to request an audience with Theodore Roosevelt. I’m sure at this time in history, this was a real dilemma.

What do you think a potential volunteer needs to have or to know to join the project?

All they should have is an interest in history and a desire to help. They do not need much more to begin as information regarding TR comes in the training. After that, I would hope they realize what a difference they will make in the gargantuan task of cataloging TR. Even if their contributions seem small, they all add up. An added bonus: they will continue with their own education and become aware of much more than just Theodore Roosevelt, the President. They will come away from each session more knowledgeable about TR as a husband, father, leader as well as world politics at the time.

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