Volunteer Spotlight: Kiley Folgert

Feb 25, 2015

The Heritage and Research Center outside of Yellowstone National Park recently hosted an Archives Blitz. From a pool of applicants, a few were chosen to take part in processing collections over a matter of days. In the most recent Archives Blitz, one of our very own, highly skilled, Theodore Roosevelt Center digital library volunteers, was invited to take part. Meet Kiley Folgert, who has shared her experience (and snowy Roosevelt Arch photo) with us.


“Much like TRC in digital cataloging is ahead of the game, Yellowstone is trying to put the theoretical concept of More Product Less Process into practice. Five volunteers, including myself, flew out to Montana for a week to process as much of a collection as possible.  We went through over 300 cubic feet in that time. We also were able to learn about Park history, wildlife, different collections that make up the Heritage Research Center, as well as gain more archiving experience.  I had the opportunity of further processing and organizing the special events portion of the Superintendent of the Park's records.  I was able to see photographs, itineraries and as well as planning documents and telegrams of special events and visits that occurred at Yellowstone over the years.  Although I saw materials from Presidential visits, I was unable to find anything as early as Theodore Roosevelt.  However, I found several dedication and rededication programs relating to the Roosevelt Arch which show how much he truly impacted National Parks, not just Yellowstone.  I thank the Theodore Roosevelt Center for the experience that helped me to get this opportunity.  It was truly amazing to not only hear more about conservation and National Parks, but to also be a part of the conservation process.”

For more information about Yellowstone and their collections, please click here


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