The Presidency of Theodore Roosevelt, New Edition!

Mar 08, 2011

The Presidency of Theodore Roosevelt
Second Edition, Revised and Expanded
Lewis L. Gould
Releases March 9, 2011

The Presidency of Theodore Roosevelt by Lewis Gould 

Image courtesy of the University of Kansas Press

From the University of Kansas Press:

Responding to frequent suggestions that the book be brought up-to-date to incorporate the excellent studies of Roosevelt’s presidency that have appeared since 1991, Gould has provided a new edition that he believes “will reintroduce a new generation of readers to the fun and importance of an ebullient, lively chief executive.”

In this revised and expanded edition, Gould has built on the sterling qualities of the first edition and added new information and analysis based on continuing research and a command of the literature on Theodore Roosevelt’s presidency published during the last two decades. He has tightened the prose and added numerous references to the latest scholarship on this most engaging of presidents. Interested readers will find new discussions of the origins of Roosevelt’s creation of the Tongass Forest in Alaska, his treatment of a dissenting federal employee named Rebecca Taylor who took her grievance to the Supreme Court, the recent controversy over Roosevelt’s relationship with Japan, the dispute over whether the president issued a warning to Germany about Venezuela in 1902–1903, and the important role of a little-known conservative senator named Winthrop Murray Crane.

With these and other changes, the updated version of Gould’s text provides an even more compelling narrative that broadens the already fascinating story of Roosevelt in power with new insights and perceptive conclusions.

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