Thank You to our Summer Interns

Sep 18, 2012

Creating a national presidential digital library for Theodore Roosevelt is an immense task, and we recently passed the milestone of having more than 20% of our collections cataloged and more than 10% published online.

Fifteen interns working this summer propelled us forward. Working in Michigan and Rhode Island, Chicago and Mississippi, these graduate students in library science and history read and described the items, reviewed each other’s (and our) work, and analyzed whether any copyright issues might prevent the publication of documents online. You are seeing the fruits of their work immediately, as nearly 5,000 items have been added to the digital library since May. Thousands more have been cataloged and await review over the coming months. Teachers and students, historians and biographers are discovering Theodore Roosevelt in his own words and through those of his family and associates.

Thank you to all our interns! We are grateful for your contributions to the Theodore Roosevelt presidential library, and we sincerely hope that this experience with the practical workings of a digital library will benefit you in your future careers.

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