Theodore Roosevelt and the Law

Aug 04, 2015

"No law that has ever been devised, or that ever will be devised, can possibly put the weakling on the same plane with the strong, the coward on the same plane with the brave, or the fool on the same plane with the wise," stated Theodore Roosevelt in a speech given in Joliet, Illinois.

In preparation for our 10th annual symposium this fall, we’ve prepared a collection of items from the digital library related to the symposium theme, “Theodore Roosevelt and the Law.” These items offer a glimpse into how Roosevelt negotiated complex issues relating to the law and its administration, the Constitution and the definition of justice. Several items address Roosevelt’s actions in Panama. Others relate to his action in Brownsville, Texas, dismissing an entire regiment of African American soldiers following a rampage that led to the death of a white citizen.

For a sampling of what TR said and did related to law and justice, click here to browse the new collection. For more information or to register for the symposium, coming up on September 17-19, click here.

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