TR and Blue Bloods: A Fingerprint on Pop Culture

Feb 05, 2015

CBS police procedurals are normally not where you expect TR to appear. However, we all know that our man pops up in the most unexpected of places.

Blue Bloods, a current hour long drama, follows the exploits and challenges of a family of New York cops. The show stars Tom Selleck, Magnum P.I. himself. Selleck plays Frank Reagan, New York City Police Commissioner, a position TR filled in the late 1890s. Frank’s father was also commissioner and the themes of justice and the importance of regulating a city echo throughout the generations of his family. In Frank Reagan’s office hangs a portrait of TR. In the photo, he seems to exude a sense of honor and decency.

Fans of Blue Bloods have also noted the resemblance of Selleck’s character to TR. One episode also showed Reagan leaving the office and hitting the streets to understand what was actually happening in the city. TR did the same thing.

The legacy of Theodore Roosevelt is all around us, including the TV shows we watch.

TR without line 

Theodore Roosevelt working at his desk, possibly while serving as New York City Police Commissioner. Photo courtesy of Dickinson State University.

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