In His Own Words: Theodore Roosevelt Writes to Henry Cabot Lodge

Nov 28, 2014

Theodore Roosevelt thinks that there was "universal corruption" in the Lorimer case and believes "that things will turn out right in Massachusetts." He has been reading Fraser's first volume and has sent Senator Lodge one of his African trophies, a zebra skin.

“I have already read most of the first three volumes of Fraser’s—not word for word, of course, because an immense amount of it is repetition, but enough to be genuinely interested, and I think get a pretty clear idea of what he proves. Thank Heavens like yourself, the fact that information is valueless has never deterred me from enjoying it. I have sent you a zebra skin as my trophies have just turned up. I can only hope that Nannie will not find it too much of a white elephant—in which case she must throw it out. Give her my warmest love.”


Letter from Theodore Roosevelt to Henry Cabot Lodge, January 3, 1911. From the Library of Congress Manuscript Division.

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