Listening to Theodore Roosevelt

Jun 29, 2012

Theodore Roosevelt speaking from back of train

Theodore Roosevelt speaking from the back of a train, 1912. From the Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace National Historic Site.

Theodore Roosevelt was known as a powerful orator who gave hundreds, if not thousands, of speeches over his political career. He also enjoyed a career at the dawn of a new century when technology was starting to make recording picture and sound a reality.

Through our partnership with the Library of Congress, we have recently received and released eight sound recordings of Theodore Roosevelt made during his 1912 presidential campaign. As far as we know, these are the only sound recordings of Roosevelt available for digitization. They are:

1.  "Progressive Covenant with the People"

2.  "The Right of the People to Rule"

3.  "The Farmer and the Businessman"   

4.  "Social and Industrial Justice"

5.  "The Abyssinian treatment administered to Standard Oil"

6.  "Why the trusts and bosses oppose the Progressive Party

7.  "The Liberty of the People"

8.  "Mr. Roosevelt pays his respects to Penrose and Archibold"

The rights to several of these recordings are held by Sony, and we gratefully acknowledge their permission to present these recordings in the digital library. 

You can also find the recordings listed under the TR Center’s Audio Collection.

Happy Listening!

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