In Search of Teddy Crombie: The Later Years

Apr 10, 2017

This the third of a three-part series about the discoveries made about a young admirer of Theodore Roosevelt, Teddy Crombie.

There are no records to indicate when the Crombies moved further west, but by 1910, and probably earlier judging from half-sister Ava's marriage in 1909, they were settled at Pompeys Pillar, Montana.

By 1920, Louis and Ava, Ricard (Teddy) and Maxinehad moved to Spokane. Richard became a salesman for Elmendorf and Pope, a diversified company whose businesses included land development in the Spokane Valley and insurance (being an affiliate of Aetna). Richard worked for this company from 1921-24. No employment is listed for Richard in sources dated 1926-1930, though he is a member of his parents' household. By 1932, he was working as an accountant, still living in the family home. Later census records indicate that he held a 4-year degree, so perhaps he was in college during those interim years. He is also listed as a student in 1933.

During the 1930s Richard moved to Moscow, Idaho, where he was employed as an accountant with Moscow Seed Company, earning an annual salary of $2,484 (equivalent to about $43,000 today.)

Richard enlisted in the military in 1942, and his enlistment record indicates he was married, although all previous census and other records indicate he was single through 1940.

Little is known of Richard during the latter part of his life. He moved back to Spokane an died there on August 6, 1959. He is buried with his sister Maxine in Fairmount Memorial Park. His memory, however, lives on in the earnest letters he sent his hero, Theodore Roosevelt.

An interesting feature of the Crombie family story is their journey from East to West across the United States over three generations. Click here to see a geographic "family tree" that represents the Crombie family journey.

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