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In His Own Words: Travel Misadventures

Aug 05, 2014

Have you ever taken a trip that didn't quite go as planned or live up to your expectations? In 1873, young Theodore, Elliott, and Corrine Roosevelt spent several months in Dresden studying German language and culture. In a letter written that September, Theodore describes the limitations of their lodgings and some of their misadventures.

“I would like you to see my room here. I have no library, and so am forced to keep eight hundred coins and Butterflies and fifty books scattered over two wardropes [sic] and in the stove. Moreover the maid has an unpleasant habit of throwing any mice or bats that I bring home to skin out of the window, much to my sorrow and disgust.

"By the way, I forgot to mention an incident in our traveling which was that we forgot our keys on one occasion, and had to go for two days without changing our clothes, - which was not the height of bliss.”

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