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Dec 02, 2011

We realized that our new website is chock full of new things for users to explore and discover but that a guide might be helpful. We’ll be posting on the blog over the next couple of weeks some “tours” of the new pages and resources on the website to better help you find your way.

Our Research portal is designed to help users dive right into the Digital Library and all it has to offer as well as provide information about our collections. It is also home to our extensive Theodore Roosevelt bibliography.

You can start searching in the Digital Library directly from this page by typing in a search term and hitting send. We also feature two digital library items here which will be changed periodically so be sure to check back and see what we are sharing!

Research Portal

You can immediately jump onto our Collections Page and learn about the ten different collections we currently hold in the Digital Library and what items from each collection are currently available. You can also jump onto our Advisory Board page to see who we consult about our future steps as an organization.

Sub research portal

The Research portal is also where to find our extensive Theodore Roosevelt Bibliography which is organized by the themes you can find on the Learn About TR portal. Simply click on Bibliography in the top bar navigation. The bibliography also contains juvenile literature and foreign language sections. We keep this page up to date as new works about Theodore Roosevelt and his era are released.


The portlets along the Research portal allow users to immediate jump into the Advanced Search for the Digital Library, see recently published Digital Updates about the progress on the Digital Library and also to immediately see a selection of new items in the Digital Library. We upload new content to the Digital Library weekly so this portlet should always be changing!

Our last stop on our website tour will be the Learn About TR Portal.

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