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Dec 05, 2011

We realized that our new website is chock full of new things for users to explore and discover but that a guide might be helpful. We’ll be posting on the blog over the next couple of weeks some “tours” of the new pages and resources on the website to better help you find your way.

Our new Learn About TR portal is a good place for those to start who are just finding Theodore Roosevelt and his story. It is home to our new articles database, themes, timelines and citation information.

Learn About TR Portal

At the top of the page are two of our new articles we wanted to feature with our users. These will change periodically so always be checking to see what the new featured articles are!

The Biographical Overview portal is a permanent fixture on the new page. This gives you a brief introduction to the life of Theodore Roosevelt and featured digital library articles that show you how Roosevelt himself wanted his life remembered.

Biographical Overview

By clicking on any one of our Themes, you will be taken to articles about people, places and events that fit into that theme. Say you need to do a school paper on Theodore Roosevelt and Conservation but aren’t sure where to start, click on our Conservation theme and read through some of the articles to get a better idea of the important people, events and places involved in that topic.


When you are in an article, our website will suggest related content and digital library items for you to browse. The related content could be another article in our database discussing the same theme, people or event or it could be a blog post where we featured a related topic such as you see here with the article on John Burroughs.

Article detail

Returning to the Learn About TR portal, we kept the portlets simple here. As always, the My Collections portlet is there to help you quickly jump to your collections. We also include the Digital Library portlet so you can quickly jump to the Advanced Search and get searching or you can access our timelines.

We currently have two timelines available for users. One is an overview of Roosevelt’s entire life and the other a more detailed timeline of Roosevelt during his time living and ranching in the West. We hope to develop and release more timelines over the coming months.

TR Timeline

Our How to Cite page is there to help you answer any questions you have about how to cite the materials on the website and in the digital library. Also, remember  that each individual digital library record has its citation information available right from its page.

How to Cite

That is all the new resources you will find living on our Learn About TR portal. Always remember if you get ever get “lost” while using the Theodore Roosevelt Center website, the top navigation bar is always there to help you orientate yourself on the site and find your way back to the beginning if you need to!

We hope you have found this blog series useful for using our new website but remember we are always just an email away if you encounter problems while using our site.

Happy exploring!

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Krystal said,

This is the last of a series of posts about the new website - check them all out for tips on how to best use the new site!

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