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Nov 25, 2011

We realized that our new website is chock full of new things for users to explore and discover but that a guide might be helpful. We’ll be posting on the blog over the next couple of weeks some “tours” of the new pages and resources on the website to better help you find your way.

Each user who comes to our website may be looking for certain things. For scholars, they are most likely more interested in the Digital Library, seeing who our partners are and where we are at in the digitization project. A student will come looking for context and background information as well as documents to use in school projects or papers. Help with creating lesson plans or finding good primary sources to use in a classroom setting are the needs of educators who come to our site. We hope the Audience portals address these needs as we continue to develop and grow our website.

To make your way to an audience portal, click on one of three choices in the upper right navigation, Scholars, Students or Educators.

The Scholars portal creates easy gateways to the advanced search functions of the DL, makes our Partners and Advisory Boards easy to learn about and keeps them updated on our digital progress. We also provide links to internal and external resources which they may find useful such as a link to a Google Bookshelf containing all the publicly available works by Theodore Roosevelt himself.

Scholars portal

Our Students portal showcases our articles database as a place for students to start to understand what Roosevelt and his era were like. It makes our themes easily available for them to browse and provides a less intimidating gateway into the Digital Library and its documents while providing resources to make sure they understand how to properly write about and cite the information they find.

Students Portal

We highlight our bibliography and themes on the Educators portal to help them find secondary resources to help in the classroom before they dive into our primary source material. Our partnership with the Library of Congress’s Teaching with Primary Sources program will bring more information and resources to this page over the coming year.

Educators Portal

Each portal highlights specific areas of our website we think are most useful to those audiences and we hope to develop them more over time and as we learn more about our users.

Our next stop on the website tour will be the Learn about TR portal.

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