Additions to the Theodore Roosevelt Digital Library

Apr 01, 2015

As the Theodore Roosevelt Digital Library grows, we realize the need to add tools to make it more useful. Through input from users and from our own experience using the site, we are continually dreaming up new and better features. Today we are proud to announce the following additions:

  • On the home page, a link to “See all recently added records” (bottom right of the page) makes it possible to review new items on a weekly basis. Every Thursday morning, you can browse through the newly published records. This week, for instance, you can read a series of speeches TR gave as he traveled through Kansas in May of 1903. But get to it soon! Tomorrow there will be another new set of records.
  • Search results can now be sorted by date, in addition to the default ordering by relevance. Try searching for “Quentin Roosevelt” in the top right search box anywhere on the site. This was a long time coming, and we’re pleased to make available this important and useful tool for reviewing materials on a given topic.
  • If an item has enclosures or is part of a “conversation” between two correspondents, the enclosure, or the previous and next letters in the conversation, may now appear in the “Related Digital Library Records” on the right side of the page. For instance, in this letter from Quentin Roosevelt to his mother, he encloses a pamphlet containing a poem Edith had shared with him earlier. That pamphlet appears immediately at the right. Similarly, when John Williams wrote to Theodore Roosevelt, offering to raise a regiment of “colored men” to serve under TR in the Great War, the response to his letter appears at the right. We’ll continue to add these links over time.
  • In the Advanced Search area, if you limit your search by “Period,” the period list in the drop-down box is now ordered chronologically.
  • Blog titles are now links to the corresponding entry (in addition to the “Read more” link). Thumbnail images of digital library records also link to the record detail page (in addition to the record title). When we observed new users of the website, they consistently tried to click on these, so we adapted the website accordingly.

We hope you enjoy these new features! And let us know what else you would like to see on the site.

Letter from John Williams to Theodore Roosevelt, April 10, 1917. From the Sagamore Hill National Historic Site.

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