Branding the Western Vote

Nov 02, 2010

Election Tuesday is the culmination of often a year or more of campaigning for today’s politicians. During Theodore Roosevelt’s career, lengthy campaigning wasn’t the standard. However, throughout the year 1903, Roosevelt traveled the country for many reasons: vacation, reconnecting with the West and also, for campaigning. Roosevelt was up for re-election as president in 1904 and he wanted to be elected to the post of president in his own right, having come to the presidency on the assassination of President McKinley in 1901. During his western tour, Roosevelt gave five major policy speeches on The Monroe Doctrine, trusts, tariff policy and the Philippines. He also spent time in Yellowstone, camping with John Burroughs and in Yosemite with John Muir, listening to their concerns about conservation of our country’s natural resources. Clay Jenkinson spoke on this topic at this year's Symposium.

However, to celebrate Election Day, I want to leave you with this cartoon, published during Roosevelt’s western tour in April 1903 in the Boston Herald, which addressed Roosevelt’s agenda while re-visiting the West. And make sure to get out and vote today!

From the Theodore Roosevelt Papers at the Library of Congress. Original artist Frederick D Williams

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