An Epic Bird Walk: 105 Years Ago Today

Jun 09, 2015

One hundred and five years ago today, on June 9, 1910, Theodore Roosevelt and Sir Edward Grey, British Foreign Secretary, walked without any security or the media along the banks of the River Itchen and into New Forest. The two men spent about twenty hours together discussing poetry, wildlife, conservation, literature, and politics, as well as paying close attention to the birds that surrounded them.

Grey and Roosevelt met in London and then made their way to the Itchen Valley. Roosevelt tried to time the visit so the birds would be in full song, as he could more easily identify birds by their song than by sight. Although each man gave a different number, they saw about forty species of birds.

Information was contributed by the Hampshire Ornithological Society. 


Birds seen in the White House grounds and about Washington, March 27, 1908. Theodore Roosevelt Collection, Houghton Library, Harvard University. Electronic copy sponsored by the Theodore Roosevelt Center at Dickinson State University. For reproduction or publication permission, contact the Theodore Roosevelt Collection, Houghton Library.

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