2016 TR Symposium Image: The Infamous and Famous

Apr 11, 2016

This year’s official symposium image shows Silver Dollar Tabor, a young lady almost as (in)famous in the West as Theodore Roosevelt, presenting him with a copy of the song she wrote, “Our President Roosevelt’s Colorado Hunt.” The march romanticizes the West, celebrating Roosevelt’s Colorado hunt during his 1903 tour of the United States. The song is dedicated to Silver’s father, Horace, a mining tycoon whose fortune dwindled in the 1893 depression. The lyrics of the music describe braving a frantic storm and still being in the beaming sun.

Silver’s father was once the richest man in the West. Her widowed mother was called “Baby Doe” Tabor and socially shunned.  The photo of Silver in the newspaper likely shocked Coloradans. Little did they know that Baby Doe had dreamed of Roosevelt five years earlier. She probably shared her dream with Silver, nicknamed Honeymaid, encouraging her ambitions to be a writer, to be recognized, to seek fame.

The night of Wednesday June 7th-1905 I dreamed I saw Tabor and Rosenfelt [Theodore Roosevelt] the president & another man sitting on a bench together the President was in the middle & in a large Hall & I had honeymaid with me & the President was talking to Her & a lot of other [unclear] stuff the next night Honey dreamed the wonderful dream of the Blessed Virgin

The 2016 Theodore Roosevelt Symposium will examine Roosevelt as a campaigner. This photo shows more than one campaign happening.

For more information on Silver and Elizabeth Tabor, please read Judy Nolte Temple’s Baby Doe Tabor: The Madwoman in the Cabin (University of Oklahoma Press, 2007). 

Silver Dollar and TR

Photo Courtesy of History Colorado

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