2012 Theodore Roosevelt Symposium will be Streamed Live!

Sep 20, 2012

Don’t miss the 2012 TR Symposium!

The progressive movement was in full swing one hundred years ago, culminating in the formation of a new political party. This year's symposium focuses on this era.

Can’t attend in person?  Join us live online! Details on how to connect will be found on the events page of the Theodore Roosevelt Center website. Reserve the time now, and be part of the conversation.

Sessions that will be streamed live are as follows:

Thursday, September 20

               7 p.m.    The Power and Problem of Prairie Populism

                                Jeffrey Ostler, University of Oregon

Friday, September 21

                9 a.m.    Roosevelt at Osawatomie, 1910: A Reformer’s Political Evolution

                                Kathleen Dalton, Phillips Academy

       10:15 a.m.    The “Inconsequential Playboy” versus the “Self-seeking Demagogue”: Theodore Roosevelt, Robert La Follette, and the Progressive Coalition That Wasn’t

                                Nancy Unger, Santa Clara University

             11 a.m.    Panel:  North Dakota and the 1912 Primary Election, Women and Progressivism, NPL, Bill Langer and Prairie Protest

               1 p.m.    William Jennings Bryan: So Near and Yet So Far

                                Frank Varney, Dickinson State University

               2 p.m.    A. C. Townley and the Nonpartisan League

                                Clay Jenkinson, Dickinson State University


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