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Promissory note from the State of Massachusetts Bay to Luke Day


Note promises to pay 2000 pounds from the State of Massachusetts Bay to Captain Luke Day, by March 1, 1783, with interest of 6% per annum. The note is apparently related to service with the Continental Army.

Resource Type: Other

Subject: Promissory notes; Massachusetts; United States. Continental Army

Date: 1780-01-01

Report which appeared in the New York Herald, August 9, 1873


Report on the 1873 Yellowstone Expedition.

Resource Type: Report

Subject: Indians of North America; Surveying; North Dakota--Badlands; United States--Yellowstone River; United States. Army; Custer, George A. (George Armstrong), 1839-1876; Grant, Frederick Dent, 1850-1912; Stanley, David Sloane, 1828-1902

Date: 1873-08-09?

From personal memoirs of David S. Stanley. p. 244


In a letter taken from his memoir, Colonel Stanley summarizes the 1873 Yellowstone expedition of the Army to create a railroad survey of the Yellowstone River region. 

Resource Type: Research

Subject: Military campaigns; Letters; Railroads--Surveys; North Dakota--Fort Rice; Missouri River; North Dakota--Heart River; United States--Yellowstone River; North Dakota--Badlands; Northern Pacific Railroad Company; United States. Army

Date: 1873-09-25?

Letter from Theodore Roosevelt to T. W. Young


Assemblyman Roosevelt encloses papers regarding Jesse Meyers for Lieutenant Young.  Roosevelt also sends General Order no. 8 and writes that he will meet with Young on Friday to discuss it.

Resource Type: Letter

Subject: Scheduling; United States. Army; Meyers, Jesse

Date: 1883-04-16

Clippings scrapbook, volume eight


Scrapbook of clippings from various periodicals related to Theodore Roosevelt's service as New York Police Commissioner, Assistant Secretary of the Navy, and Colonel of the 1st Volunteer Cavalry.

Resource Type: Scrapbook

Subject: Spanish-American War (1898); Police administration; Military service, Voluntary; New York (State)--New York; New York (N.Y.). Police Department; United States. Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Navy; United States. Army. Volunteer Cavalry, 1st

Date: 1895-1898

Drill Regulations for Cavalry


The U.S. Army's Drill Regulations for Cavalry, 528 pages, inscribed by Theodore Roosevelt.

Resource Type: Book

Subject: Armies--Cavalry; United States. Army. Cavalry; Roosevelt, Theodore, 1858-1919

Date: 1896

Letter from Bellamy Storer to Russell A. Alger


Minister Storer wishes to communicate to General Alger about Lieutenant Floyd W. Harris of the 4th Calvary, who recently departed Brussels. Harris performed his duties in an admirable manner, the ministers and high officials of the Belgian government have a high regard for him, and "the King himself spoke very kindly of him" and hopes for his return.

Resource Type: Letter

Subject: Military appointments; Military attachés; Belgium--Brussels; United States. Army; United States. War Department; Leopold II, King of the Belgians, 1835-1909

Date: 1897-08-05

Theodore Roosevelt Colonel of the Rough Riders


A postcard featuring a black and white portrait of Colonel Roosevelt in his Rough Riders uniform. There is a black and white illustration of a woman holding a scroll with the words "GREETINGS FROM PICTURESQUE AMERICA," a bald eagle, and an American flag in color.

Resource Type: Postcard

Subject: Portraits; Armed Forces--Officers; United States. Army. Volunteer Cavalry, 1st; Roosevelt, Theodore, 1858-1919

Date: 1897?

Theodore Roosevelt


Colonel Theodore Roosevelt poses for a formal studio portrait.  He wears his cavalry uniform.

Resource Type: Photograph

Subject: Spanish-American War (1898); Armed Forces--Uniforms; United States. Army. Volunteer Cavalry, 1st; Roosevelt, Theodore, 1858-1919

Date: 1898

Colonel Roosevelt with the cavalry


Colonel Roosevelt leads a small cavalry formation near an army encampment.

Resource Type: Photograph

Subject: Spanish-American War (1898); Horses; Horsemanship; United States. Army. Volunteer Cavalry, 1st; Roosevelt, Theodore, 1858-1919

Date: 1898

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