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Letter from Theodore Roosevelt to Anna Roosevelt


Theodore Roosevelt provides a brief update on his attitude and appearance while studying in Dresden. He provides illustrations of an incident where the family lost their keys, when he brought a dead bat to the Minkwitz home, and a humorous view of Darwinian theory.

Resource Type: Letter

Subject: Family vacations; Locks and keys; Bats--Collection and preservation; Evolution (Biology); Natural selection

Date: 1873-09-21

Letter from Theodore Roosevelt to Martha Bulloch Roosevelt


Corinne Roosevelt was ill but has recovered. Theodore Roosevelt relates a conversation he overheard with a German servant girl regarding keeping the goose for the next day. Roosevelt concludes with humorous illustrations of Darwinian theory.

Resource Type: Letter

Subject: German language; Evolution (Biology); Natural selection; Robinson, Corinne Roosevelt, 1861-1933

Date: 1873-10-05

Postcard from Theodore Roosevelt to H. D. Minot


Theodore Roosevelt tells H. D. Minot the species of blackbirds he saw in the Adirondacks. He asks Minot to excuse his delay as he had to go to town to find out.

Resource Type: Postcard

Subject: Blackbirds; Species

Date: 1877-08-25

New York Forest, Fish and Game Interests


William Austin Wadsworth provides his opinion on why the New York Forest, Fish and Game Commission is ineffective as currently constituted.

Resource Type: Newspaper article

Subject: Wildlife conservation; Nature conservation; New York (State). Forest, Fish and Game Commission

Date: 1901?

Telegram from Theodore Roosevelt to John W. Titcomb


President Roosevelt will be unable to attend the banquet held by the Vermont Fish and Game League.

Resource Type: Telegram

Subject: Wildlife conservation; Vermont; Procter, John Robert, 1844-1903

Date: 1902-01-20

Letter from David Starr Jordan to Theodore Roosevelt


David Starr Jordan lays out a plan to protect fur seals and end pelagic sealing.

Resource Type: Letter

Subject: Wildlife conservation; Seals (Animals); Northern fur seal; Russia; Japan; Great Britain; Alaska--Pribilof Islands; Russia (Federation)--Commander Islands; Permanent Court of Arbitration

Date: 1903-01-20

Speech of President Roosevelt at laying of the cornerstones of gateway to Yellowstone National Park, Gardiner, Montana, April 24, 1903


President Roosevelt’s speech while laying a cornerstone at the gateway to Yellowstone National Park. He discusses the creation of the park and its purpose. He also thanks the people for their cooperation to prevent acts of vandalism and destruction in the park.

Resource Type: Speech

Subject: Game protection; Forest conservation; Wildlife conservation; Natural areas; Landscape protection; National parks and reserves; Montana--Gardiner; United States--Yellowstone National Park Region

Date: 1903-04-24

Letter from Theodore Roosevelt to Major W. Broadfoot


President Roosevelt just completed two weeks in Yellowstone Park and was astonished by the abundance of game. Roosevelt hopes to bring Yellowstone to the public's attention.

Resource Type: Letter

Subject: Presidents--Travel; Wildlife conservation; United States--Yellowstone National Park; Burroughs, John, 1837-1921; Pitcher, John, 1854-1926

Date: 1903-04-27

Letter from Theodore Roosevelt to George Meade Bowers


President Roosevelt would like golden trout to be propagated in hatcheries throughout the United States to prevent their extinction from overfishing in Volcano Creek near Mount Whitney, California. Commissioner Bowers should discuss the matter with Stewart Edward White and periodically send progress updates to Roosevelt.

Resource Type: Letter

Subject: Wildlife conservation; Golden trout; Golden trout fishing; Overfishing; Fish hatcheries; California--Mount Whitney; United States. Bureau of Fisheries; White, Stewart Edward, 1873-1946

Date: 1904-04-21

Letter from George Meade Bowers to Theodore Roosevelt


George Meade Bowers replies to a letter from President Roosevelt regarding the status of the Golden Trout in the Mt. Whitney region of the California Sierras. Bowers describes the habitat and distribution of this fish, as well as risks to its extermination, and proposes a study by the Bureau of Fisheries to determine the necessary steps for its preservation.

Resource Type: Letter

Subject: Conservation of natural resources; Wildlife conservation; Golden trout; California--Mount Whitney Region; United States. Bureau of Fisheries; Evermann, Barton Warren, 1853-1932; White, Stewart Edward, 1873-1946; Jordan, David Starr, 1851-1931

Date: 1904-04-22

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