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A message from the Army


Booklet containing the text of a poem, in which soldiers in the West and South express their thanks for "Your Christ-like ministering" and express their hopes for peace. Signed on front cover by Laura F. Carow.

Resource Type: Pamphlet

Subject: American Civil War (1861-1865); Poetry; Carow, Laura F.

Date: 1864-03

Dresden Literary American Club: Club Book


A notebook with short stories, poetry and some riddles composed by Theodore Roosevelt, Corinne Roosevelt, and Elliott Roosevelt and their cousins, John Elliott and Matilda Moxley Elliot, during their time together in Dresden, Germany.  The last two pages consist of French conjugations. The front and end pages consist of rough sketched maps.

Entries for July 20, 1873: Morning calls among the dogs, part 1 by T. Roosevelt; Mrs. Doolittle's adventures in Germany by J. Elliott: My Ghost by E. Roosevelt; Riddles by M. Elliott; and, Criticisms by C. Roosevelt.

Entries for September 7, 1873: The party, part 1 by J. Elliott; Nonsense Verses and Our journey to Samaden by E. Roosevelt; The night by C. Roosevelt; and, Morning calls among the dogs, part 2 by T. Roosevelt.

Entries for September 15, 1873: Adventures in Shopping? by T. Roosevelt; Just my luckby E. Roosevelt; The party, part 2 by J. Elliott; The broken ring by C. Roosevelt; and, Portrait of a quiet man by M. Elliott.

Resource Type: Notebook

Subject: Short stories, American; American poetry; Riddles, American; Books and reading

Date: 1873

I like the path to the summer house


Short poem written by Theodore Roosevelt.

Resource Type: Poem

Subject: Poetry; Roosevelt, William Emlen, 1857-1930; Parsons, Frances Theodora, 1861-1952

Date: 1875

Copy of "A Forsaken Garden" by Algernon Charles Swinburne


A handwritten copy of the poem "A Forsaken Garden" by Algernon Charles Swinburne.

Resource Type: Manuscript

Subject: Poetry; Swinburne, Algernon Charles, 1837-1909

Date: 1877?

Letter from Theodore Roosevelt to Corinne Roosevelt Robinson


Theodore Roosevelt is sending Corinne Roosevelt a book of poetry.

Resource Type: Letter

Subject: Poetry; Gifts

Date: 1879-03-28?

Birch bark poems


Small book of poems printed on thin sheets of birch bark.

Resource Type: Poem

Subject: Poetry; Birch bark

Date: 1879?



Print shows Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing left, on oval frame, with two female figures offering crowns of laurel labeled "Europe" and "America." Above is an angel spreading her wings above figures from Longfellow's poems. At bottom left is a poem in tribute to Longfellow.

Resource Type: Cartoon

Subject: Poets; Angels; Poetry; Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth, 1807-1882

Date: 1882-05-03

Letter from Sarah Flandrau Cutcheon to Charles Macomb Flandrau


Sally Flandrau Cutcheon threatens to never write to Charles Macomb Flandrau again unless he changes his "vulgar and idiotic" writing style. Cutcheon recently attended several plays and football games. She wants to acquire a grand piano.

Resource Type: Letter

Subject: Letter writing; Theater; Football; Poetry; Sonnets; Christmas; Piano; Minnesota--Minneapolis; Selmes, Martha (Patty) Macomb Flandrau, 1861-1923; King, Isabella Greenway, 1886-1953; Cutcheon, Franklin Warner M., 1864-1936

Date: 1891-11?

Letter from Theodore Roosevelt to Anna Roosevelt


Theodore Roosevelt writes his sister Anna Roosevelt in poetic form about a telegram received from her about the World's Fair. He informs her of his attempt to procure tickets and the travel plans that he has arranged.

Resource Type: Letter

Subject: World's Columbian Exposition; Travel; Poetry; Tickets; Passenger trains

Date: 1892-1893?

Letter from Theodore Roosevelt to Frances Theodora Dana


Commissioner Roosevelt enjoyed the book of poems. He will be sending Frances Theodora Dana his own book and requests that she read the preface and fourth chapter.

Resource Type: Letter

Subject: Books and reading; Poetry

Date: 1893-06-05

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