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Memorandum from George B. Cortelyou


On behalf of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, Thomas F. Walsh invited King Alfonso XIII of Spain to attend the exposition. The King is willing to accept if this would be in accordance with President Roosevelt's wishes. Walsh is also giving a speech at the Irrigation Congress and wants to make sure that Roosevelt receives proper credit for his work on irrigation legislation.

Resource Type: Memorandum

Subject: Diplomatic etiquette; International relations; Irrigation laws; Speeches, addresses, etc.; Spain; Louisiana Purchase Exposition Co. (Saint Louis, Mo.); Alfonso XIII, King of Spain, 1886-1941; Roosevelt, Theodore, 1858-1919; Walsh, Thomas F.

Date: 1902-09-29

Letter from Charles M. Sain to George B. Cortelyou


Charles M. Sain is assisting the Republican campaign in Nevada through various newspapers and believes that President Roosevelt's support of the irrigation law is their only hope to carry the state.

Resource Type: Letter

Subject: Irrigation laws; Political parties--Platforms; Press and politics; Nevada; Republican Party (U.S. : 1854- ); Newlands, Francis G. (Francis Griffith), 1848-1917; Roosevelt, Theodore, 1858-1919

Date: 1902-09-30

Salt Lake Herald, September 19, 1903


Gifford Pinchot highlighted two articles in the September 19, 1903, edition of the Salt Lake Herald. The first, "Modify the Land Laws Is Congress' Decision," describes the debates and resolutions of the National Irrigation Congress held in Ogden, Utah. The fiercest debate was over a proposed resolution that favored the repeal of the timber and stone act, the desert land act, and the commutation clause of the homestead law. Instead, the Congress resolved to press for "modifications in raid laws as will save the remaining public lands for actual settlers who will found homes and live upon said lands." The second article, "Resolutions That Were Acted On By Congress," summarizes the various issues that were discussed in the National Irrigation Congress.

Resource Type: Newspaper

Subject: Louisiana Purchase Exposition; Lewis and Clark Centennial Exposition; Public lands--Administration; Public lands--Government policy; Public lands--Environmental aspects; Public lands--Law and legislation; Irrigation laws; Reclamation of land--Law and legislation; Forest reserves--Law and legislation; Reservoirs--Law and legislation; Indians of North America--Irrigation; United States, West; Clark, William Andrews, 1839-1925; Mondell, Franklin Wheeler, 1860-1939; Wells, Heber M. (Heber Manning), 1859-1938; Carey, Joseph M. (Joseph Maull), 1845-1924; Needham, Henry Beach, 1871-1915

Date: 1903-09-19

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