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Celestial wrath


Startled French soldiers in rice paddies confront an angry blazing sun rimmed with cannon barrels and bayonets, and stating "Population 500,000,000." Signs labeled "Malaria, Disease, [and] Fever," as well as Chinese soldiers also face them. Caption: China - "I will make it HOT for you!"

Resource Type: Cartoon

Subject: Diseases; Heat; Bayonets; Rice; Armies--French colonies; Asian colonies; Ordnance; Indochina; France; Asia; China

Date: 1883-09-12

Japan and France


This transcription of a newspaper article is about "the new naval program of France" which was being "considered in connection with the Far Eastern question." The document notes that this article was published in the St. Petersbourg Journal on May 10, 1905.

Resource Type: Newspaper article

Subject: Russo-Japanese War (1904-1905); Speeches, addresses, etc.; Navy-yards and naval stations, French; International relations; Japan; France; Russia; Indochina; Deloncle, Francois, 1856-1922

Date: 1905-05-10

Germany and Japan


English translation of an article titled "Germany and Japan" originally printed in St. Petersburg Slovo. The article discusses the relations between Germany and Japan and the problems they have dealt with regarding one another. 

Resource Type: Transcript

Subject: International relations; Newspapers--Censorship; Germany; Japan; Russia; China; France; Indochina; England

Date: 1905-05-10?

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