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Map of the route of the north west Indian expedition


Map of the Northwest Indian Expedition as drawn by Major Henning von Minden in 1865 and copied in 1866.

Resource Type: Map

Subject: Cartography; Indians; Discovery and exploration, American; United States, West; United States. War Department. Engineer Bureau

Date: 1865

Attempts at writing Indian sign language


Ten year old Theodore Roosevelt writes Indian sign language symbols in this notebook.

Resource Type: Notebook

Subject: Indian sign language

Date: 1869

Message and Documents, War Dept. Part I, 1872-73


Reports regarding military activity in Dakota Territory and along the Yellowstone River.

Resource Type: Report

Subject: Military campaigns; Fortification; Indians of North America; United States--Dakota Territory; United States--Yellowstone River

Date: 1872-1873?

Report which appeared in the New York Herald, August 9, 1873


Report on the 1873 Yellowstone Expedition.

Resource Type: Report

Subject: Indians of North America; Surveying; North Dakota--Badlands; United States--Yellowstone River; United States. Army; Custer, George A. (George Armstrong), 1839-1876; Grant, Frederick Dent, 1850-1912; Stanley, David Sloane, 1828-1902

Date: 1873-08-09?

Our Indian policy - a house of cards


Print shows Uncle Sam sitting at a table outside an "Indian Store" with Natives and government agents gathered around; he was constructing a house of cards labeled "Indian Policy" until the government agents and a man standing on a box labeled "Boston Sentimentalist" leaned over and blew on it, knocking it down.

Resource Type: Cartoon

Subject: Uncle Sam (Symbolic character); Indians of North America--Government relations; Card games; Indian agents

Date: 1881-09-14

The food of our youth


Print shows a mean-spirited infant boy in a cradle labeled "Infant Indian Exterminators", armed with a rifle, knives, and handguns, feeding from a large bottle filled with "Dime Novel" and "5 ct. Paper[back]" literature, with other action and adventure books about "Pirates" and an "Indian Killer" on the floor around the cradle.

Resource Type: Cartoon

Subject: Indians of North America--Government relations; Infants; Bottle feeding; Weapons; Dime novels

Date: 1881-09-21

Letter from William Wingate Sewall to S. Y. Sewall


The weather is cold and the snow is over a foot deep. William Wingate Sewall isn't sure how the cattle can survive in such an environment. He accompanied a group, including James Watts a "genuine specimen of a frontier man," to a Native American village. Watts was with General Custer the day before the Battle of the Little Bighorn and claims to have been shot seven times and hit with arrows five times. They bought several moccasins, buckskins, and a buffalo robe. Sewall's long hair seemed to interest the Native Americans and they even braided his hair. There are opportunities in Dakota Territory but he still believes that Maine has better living conditions and hopes to return soon.

Resource Type: Letter

Subject: Little Bighorn, Battle of the (Montana : 1876); Ranching; Cattle; Winter; Indians of North America; Indians of North America--Social life and customs; Frontier and pioneer life; United States--Dakota Territory

Date: 1885-02-18

Sheriff's work on a ranch


Theodore Roosevelt relates a tense meeting with Native Americans and his personal capture of three boat thieves.

Resource Type: Magazine article

Subject: Indians of North America; Crime; Theft; North Dakota--Badlands; North Dakota--Medora; North Dakota--Dickinson; United States--Little Missouri River; Dow, Wilmot; Sewall, William Wingate, 1845-1930

Date: 1888

The winning of the West


Handwritten manuscript of The Winning of the West, vol. I with annotations and textual insertions. Volume I recounts the settlement efforts, fighting, and frontier life as Europeans moved into the Ohio River Valley and Alleghenies in the late 18th century. Blank manuscript pages were not included.

Resource Type: Manuscript

Subject: Lord Dunmore's War (1774); Frontier and pioneer life; Indians of North America; Ohio River Valley; United States--Allegheny Mountains

Date: 1889

Letter from Sarah Flandrau Cutcheon to Charles Macomb Flandrau


Sally Flandrau Cutcheon does not wish to receive more letters from Charles Macomb Flandrau in the style of the last one. Cutcheon describes a story told to her by Joe Humphreys about some Native Americans in the Dakotas. She is attending the Women's Congress to see Julia Ward Howe speak and recently visited her family.

Resource Type: Letter

Subject: Letter writing; Hunting; Indians of North America; Hearses (Vehicles); Parties; Halloween; United States--Dakota Territory; United States Naval Academy; Selmes, Martha (Patty) Macomb Flandrau, 1861-1923; Howe, Julia Ward, 1819-1910; Ferguson, Robert Harry Munro, 1868-1922; Crane, William H., 1845-1928; Flandrau, Rebecca Blair McClure Riddle, 1839-1911

Date: 1891-10-30

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