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Zoological record


Theodore Roosevelt's notes on animals, primarily birds, he observed and collected during a 1872-1873 trip to Europe, Syria, and Egypt.

Resource Type: Manuscript

Subject: Zoology; Animals--Study and teaching; Nature observation; Nature study; Bird watching; Germany--Dresden; England; Egypt; Syria--Damascus; Lebanon--Beirut; Europe--Saxony; Austria--Tyrol; Hungary; Cyprus; Greece--Thebes; Middle East--Palestine; France--Paris; Lebanon; Greece--Athens; Turkey--Istanbul; Middle East--Jerusalem; Israel--Jaffa (Tel Aviv); Germany--Prussia; Syria; Austria--Vienna

Date: 1873

Remarks on birds, volume II


Theodore Roosevelt's ornithological observations from an 1872-1873 trip to Egypt, the Levant, and Germany. Roosevelt records personal observations and anatomical data.

Resource Type: Manuscript

Subject: Bird watching; Zoology; Animals--Study and teaching; Nature observation; Nature study; Cyprus; Greece--Thebes; Egypt; Middle East--Jerusalem; Lebanon; France--Paris; England; Hungary; Syria--Damascus; Austria

Date: 1874

Herodotus's account of the Battle of Salamis


Benjamin Ide Wheeler reviews ancient accounts and modern interpretations of the Battle of Salamis. He believes that Herodotus's account is the most reliable and consistent. The handwritten note on the first page reads "To President Roosevelt, who reads ancient and makes modern history. With cordial greetings, Benj. I. Wheeler."

Resource Type: Magazine article

Subject: Salamis, Battle of (Greece : 480 B.C.); History, Ancient--Research; History, Ancient--Study and teaching; Military history, Ancient; Herodotus

Date: 1902

Community of interest


In this essay, Frank Field Fowler lays out a plan for a utopian government-controlled United States. Fowler supports his idea by historical evidence from the Greek city-state of Sparta.

Resource Type: Other

Subject: Utopias--Philosophy; Greece--Sparta; Lycurgus

Date: 1902-05-31?

491 B.C. -- 1902 A.D.


A man labeled "Persia" and a man labeled "Greece" drink a toast from a punch bowl labeled "Renewal of Diplomatic Relations." Caption: A long time between drinks.

Resource Type: Cartoon

Subject: Clothing and dress; International relations; Greece; Iran

Date: 1902-12-31

Letter from Theodore Roosevelt to Benjamin Ide Wheeler


President Roosevelt was interested in President Wheeler's "criticism of Herodotus' account of the battle of Salamis."

Resource Type: Letter

Subject: Salamis, Battle of (Greece : 480 B.C.); Herodotus; Delbruck, Hans, 1848-1929

Date: 1903-03-18

Memorandum on George Horton


Assistant Secretary of State Loomis reports that George Horton, former consul at Athens, has a satisfactory consular record but once criticized Secretary of State Hay's daughter for her writings. Loomis suggests that Hay wouldn't be pleased if Horton rejoined the service.

Resource Type: Memorandum

Subject: Diplomatic and consular service, American--Selection and appointment; Criticism; Interpersonal relations; Greece--Athens; Loomis, Francis B. (Francis Butler), 1861-1948; Hay, John, 1838-1905

Date: 1903-06-08

Letter from Henry Cabot Lodge to Theodore Roosevelt


Senator Lodge writes to President Roosevelt regarding letters of recommendation for George Horton, who wishes to re-enter consular services to Greece.

Resource Type: Letter

Subject: Employment references; Diplomatic and consular service; Greece

Date: 1903-06-10

Letter from Theodore Roosevelt to Leslie M. Shaw


Due to protests from the Greek government, President Roosevelt instructs Secretary Shaw to take no action regarding the Greek accountant that supposedly violated the contract labor law.

Resource Type: Letter

Subject: International relations; Labor contract--Law and legislation; Greece

Date: 1903-06-14

Telegram from Thomas C. Platt to Theodore Roosevelt


Senator Thomas Collier Platt provides President Roosevelt with the name of a person interested in the Italian ambassadorship. Platt has already turned him down, but would like Roosevelt to send him a letter confirming they discussed it.

Resource Type: Telegram

Subject: Diplomatic and consular service, American--Selection and appointment; Italy; Greece; Meyer, George von Lengerke, 1858-1918; Lodge, Henry Cabot, 1850-1924

Date: 1903-06-15

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