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New York Herald, September 7, 1901


New York Herald, September 7, 1901, pages 3-14:

Page 3: Banner headline: Anarchists Shoots the President -- Six of Clan/Arrested in Chicago --- Doctors Are Hopeful - Black ink drawing the interior of the Temple of Music and portrait of William McKinley - "Leon Czolgosz, Pole, Fired the Shots While He was Shaking Hands with His Victim" - Details of the shooting - "Leading Interests Will Support the Market" - Statement by James Stillman, president of the National City Bank (cont. on pages 4-5)

Page 4: Banner headline: Vice President Roosevelt Hurrying on to Buffalo - Drawings captioned: Bird's Eye View of the Pan-American Exposition Grounds; The Service Building - The President was Taken to the Hospital in This Building - "Description of the President's Wounds" - Statement by George B. Cortelyou

Page 5: Banner headline: Mrs. M'Kinley Brave When Told Her Husband was Hurt - Drawings captioned: McKinley's Birth Place; The Old Sparrow House, Poland, O., Where McKinley Enlisted in 1862; Mrs. Nancy A. McKinley, Mother of the President; McKinley, As a New Recruit - "Mrs. M'Kinley Bravely Receives Terrible News" - How Mrs. McKinley was told - "Mr. Roosevelt Hurries to President's Bedside" - How TR found out about the shooting and got to the train headed to Buffalo - "William Jennings Bryan Says, Wipe Anarchy from the Earth" - Statement by Bryan - "Police Cannot Trace Either Assassin's Past or Friends" - Attempts to locate where Czolgosz came from - "All Nations May Join In Stamping Out Anarchism" - Reaction of foreign diplomats in Washington and proposed actions

Page 6: Banner headline: Leading Financiers Plan to Meet the Shock to Wall Street - Seven portrait photographs of Mrs. McKinley through the years; photograph of William McKinley at the time of his marriage; McKinley home in Canton - "Members of the Cabinet Hurrying to Buffalo" - Where various current and former Cabinet members were when they heard the news - "Consternation at the White House" - How the news of McKinley's shooting reached people in the White House - "Mr. Roosevelt May Be President on Ground of 'Inability to Act'" - Speculation about any transfer of power - "Herald Sends News to Liner at Sea" - One example of the unique ways the news spread - "News of Tragedy Levels All Ranks at Washington" - How news spread in Washington and comments from some officials - "Precautions to Guard President" - General discussion of the President's security

Page 7: Banner headline: Whole Country Shocked by the News of the Shooting - Portrait photograph of Theodore Roosevelt (copyrighted 1898 by G.G. Rockwood) - "Prayers for President, Curses for Assassin" - Statements from Chauncey Depew, Thomas Platt and other politicans about McKinley's shooting - "Cardinal Gibbons' Eloquent Tribute" - "'It is Horrible! Awful!' Senator Hanna Exclaims" - Mark Hanna's reactions after finding out about McKinley's shooting from an Associated Press reporter - "Our Vice President as His Speeches Show Him" - Roosevelt's views on five issues with excerpts from speeches - "Americans Besiege London Wire Offices" - Reaction from Americans in London and English newspapers - "Deserved Lynching, Says Cornelius Bliss" - Anti-anarchist - "Stocks Declined When President Garfield Was Shot" - List of principal stocks and the values on July 1 and 2, 1881

Page 8: Banner headline: Three Other Presidents Have Been Attacked by Assassins - Portrait photographs of King Humbert of Italy, The Late Empress of Austria, President Carnot of France, Caserio Santo, Luchennie, Bresci - "Financiers are Alert, But Fully Confident" - Statements of big businessman including J.P. Morgan - "History in Brief of Attacks on Rulers' Lives" - List of assassinations and attempts from around the world - "News of the Shooting Plunges Canton in Grief" - "'Mr. M'Kinley Has an Even Chance'" - Speculation by Dr. Robert Reyburt

Page 9: - "New Yorkers Shocked, Seek News Bulletins" - How news was spread in New York City - "His Life One of Great Events" - Biography of McKinley - "It Must Have Been the Act of a Madman" - Statement by Grover Cleveland

Page 10: - Short news items and editorials, including some about McKinley

Page 11: - "Mr. M'Kinley's Changed Policy" - Speculation in German newspaper about McKinley changing protectionist policies, based on McKinley's speech at the Pan Am - "Methodists Cheer M'Kinley's Words" - News item from conference - pre-shooting

Resource Type: Newspaper

Subject: Presidents--Assassination; American newspapers; McKinley, William, 1843-1901; McKinley, Ida Saxton, 1847-1907; Roosevelt, Theodore, 1858-1919; Cortelyou, George B. (George Bruce), 1862-1940; Czolgosz, Leon F., 1873?-1901; Bryan, William Jennings, 1860-1925; Platt, Thomas Collier, 1833-1910; Depew, Chauncey M. (Chauncey Mitchell), 1834-1928; Hanna, Marcus Alonzo, 1837-1904; Morgan, J. Pierpont (John Pierpont), 1837-1913; Cleveland, Grover, 1837-1908

Date: 1901-09-07

Letter from Theodore Roosevelt to Jacob H. Schiff


Vice President Roosevelt appreciates Jacob H. Schiff's cable. He assumed that Schiff sent another to President McKinley and has informed George B. Cortelyou. 

Resource Type: Letter

Subject: Thank-you notes; McKinley, William, 1843-1901; Cortelyou, George B. (George Bruce), 1862-1940

Date: 1901-09-10

Buffalo Courier, Vol LXVI, No. 253 [Carrier's Edition], September 10, 1901


Buffalo Courier, Vol LXVI, No. 253 [Carrier's Edition], September 10, 1901; p. 1-12 (complete):

Page 1: Banner headline: Facts Unearthed Which Positively Prove that Czolgosz Was Associated with the Free Society - Black and white photographs of "Senator Hanna and Secretary Hitchcock Leaving Milburn House" and "Dr. H. A. Knoll Leaving the Milburn House." - "I Feel Much Better" - Report of statement by McKinley and plans for special day at the Pan Am planned to celebrate McKinley's recovery - "On the Road to Recovery" - Article on McKinley's condition (cont. on page 4) - "Czar Happy Over President's Recovery" - Statement from Czar Nicholas II of Russia - Text of official bulletins on McKinley condition - "Abner M'Kinley Sees President" - Visit with President's brother - "Czolgosz and Anarchists of Chicago Talked Over Plans for McKinley's Death" - Conspiracy theory about the shooting of McKinley (cont. on page 3)

Page 2: "Attendance Drops" - Daily attendance figures for the Pan-American Exposition

Page 3: Black and white portrait photograph of District Attorney Thomas Penney - "Emma Goldman is Traced to Lair" - Reports on the search for Emma Goldman - "Suggest Severest of Laws" - Head of Police Chiefs association's recommends about changes to laws to prevent/deal with future assassination attempts - "Federal Court May Try Him" - Jurisdiction over Czolgosz - "President's Cot is Now Sacred" - Visitors going to the Pan Am hospital to see where McKinley was operated on - "Bull's Stiffness Causes a Split" - Buffalo police Superintendent's disagreement with the Secret Service over interviewing Czolgosz; also information on Czolgosz's communication and conditions - "Chicago Reds Get No Bail" - Article about the anarchists being held in Chicago

Page 4:  Banner headline: Teacher in Public School No. 58 is Reported to Have/Spread Anarchial Doctrines Among Her Pupils - Black and white photographs of "Mrs. H. M. Baer, nee Mabel M'Kinley, and Her Husband Leaving Milburn House"; the reporters' tent outside the Milburn house; Secretary Cortelyou meeting with two reporters - "Alleged Anarchist in a Local School" - "Sharp Eye Kept on 8th Precinct" - Polish community on East Side of Buffalo - "Vice-President Closely Guarded" - Article about Theodore Roosevelt's movements during his time in Buffalo - "Bull Has Heard No Word on Goldman Case" - Buffalo police superintendent about rumors of Goldman being arrested - "Appeals Made to Secretary Gage" - Monetary policy to stabilize financial markets

Page 5: Banner headline: Relatives and the Cabinet Officials are Leaving Buffalo, So Confident Are They - "Hanna May Go to Cleveland Today" - Hanna is seen as a barometer of McKinley's condition - "Another Arrest is Made by the Police" - Unknown Polish man brought in for questioning - "Day of Thanksgiving for the Nation is Planned at Pan-American Exposition" - "G.A.R. Veterans Take Action on Czolgosz's Act" - Organizational proclamation - "Mexican Day Has Been Postponed Until October 1" - To have taken place on September 16 - "Guarding Czolgosz to Prevent Suicide" - "There is No Need of a President Pro Tem" - Statement by the Postmaster General - "Programme of the Exposition" - Daily schedule for the Pan Am - "Rounding Up Anarchists of Boston" - "Golden Eagle Casts Out Czolgosz" - Lodge in Cleveland, in which Czolgosz was a member

Page 6: - Editorial comments on a variety of subjects including public frustration with the overburdened telephone system, Rhode Island Day at the Pan Am, and why Roosevelt wouldn't become acting president while McKinley was still alive

Page 10: - "Low Sales Give Confidence" - Response of Wall Street to McKinley's improving condition

Resource Type: Newspaper

Subject: Pan-American Exposition; Presidents--Assassination; American newspapers; McKinley, William, 1843-1901; Czolgosz, Leon F., 1873?-1901; Hanna, Marcus Alonzo, 1837-1904; Goldman, Emma, 1869-1940; Penney, Thomas; Cortelyou, George B. (George Bruce), 1862-1940

Date: 1901-09-10

Buffalo Evening News, Vol. XLII, No. 130, 5 O'Clock/Extra Edition, September 11, 1901


Buffalo Evening News, Vol. XLII, No. 130, 5 O'clock/Extra Edition, September 11, 1901, p. 1-10 (complete):

Page 1: Banner headline: Goldman To Be Brought Here!/Hunting Down Anarchists!/World is Roused Against Reds! - "Anarchy Must Go!" - Proposed legal measures against anarchists (cont. on page 7) - "More Sympathy for President" - Resolution by Junior Order of Mechanics - "Officials Seek to Show There Was Conspiracy" - Police trying to trace movements of Czolgosz and Goldman - "Italian Police Find Evidence" - Investigation into anarchists in Paterson, NJ based on evidence found during the investigation of the assassination of King Humbert - "No Bad Symptoms or Unfavorable Condition in McKinley's Case Today" - Short article about the minor surgery performed to relieve irritation of the wound - "Dr. Mann Describes How the President's Wound Was Treated" - Article with comments by Mann about the President's condition and the activity of people around the house including a meeting of the Cabinet (cont. on page 5) - "Extra! Emma Goldman to Be Brought to Buffalo!" - News that extradition papers where being sent to Chicago from the Buffalo police - "Official Bulletin on Last Night's Operation" - Complete text

Page 2: - Short editorials about a variety of subjects including McKinley and anarchists

Page 4: - "Czolgosz Nervous and Restless" - Report on Czolgosz's day in jail - "President's Life Saved By Quick Work of Surgeons" - Quote from Dr. Mynter that McKinley was saved by not having eaten immediately before and by having surgery quickly - "Today at the Exposition" - Schedule for events at the Pan Am - "Nation Invited to Participate" - Tentative plans for Jubilee Day - "Farmers Anxious About President" - Ways that news of McKinley's condition has spread through rural areas

Page 5: - "Emma Goldman Denies Knowledge of Conspiracy" - Interview with Goldman while jailed in Chicago - "Nurses Attending the President" - Short article with names and backgrounds - "All Anarchists Are Being Listed" - Anti-anarchist measures from different parts of the country

Page 7: - "Theories of Plot to Kill President Easily Invented" - No evidence of a conspiracy found - "Vice President Stops at Albany" - Roosevelt left his train in Albany - "Anarchy Must Be Extirpated" - Statement from the Buffalo Assembly of Christian Endeavor - "Florida's Day at Exposition" - Schedule of events for Florida Day, which was postponed one day - "Railroad Day is Inspiring All the Poets" - Winner of poetry contest about railroads - "Electric Light Men at Falls" - Meeting of the Association of Edison Illuminating Companies at the Pan Am - "Poles Denounce Abhorrent Deed of Czolgosz" - Resolution of Polish Union of Buffalo

Page 8: - "Much Credit Due to Secretary Cortelyou" - Article praising Cortelyou and his calm decision for McKinley to have surgery immediately - "Is Czolgosz to be Told of Emma's Arrest?" - Speculation article - "Dr. Storer Tells of Prompt Action" - Interview with doctor from Chicago that assisted in McKinley's surgery - "Counsel for Anarchists Will Apply for Writ" - Lawyer files writ of habeas corpus in the case of nine anarchists being held in Chicago - "No Conference, Says Sec'y Hay" - Clarifying that he and Sec. Root just visited at Sprague house - "Roosevelt Talks of the Anarchists" - Statement by Roosevelt before leaving Buffalo - "Exposition Notes" - Short notes from the Pan Am

Page 9: - "Everybody's Column" - Letters to the Editor - "No Accomplice of Czolgosz Can Be Found by Police" - Everyone arrested by the Buffalo police has been released

Resource Type: Newspaper

Subject: Pan-American Exposition; Presidents--Assassination; American newspapers; McKinley, William, 1843-1901; Mann, Matthew D. (Matthew Darbyshire), 1845-1921; Goldman, Emma, 1869-1940; Penney, Thomas; Roosevelt, Theodore, 1858-1919; Cortelyou, George B. (George Bruce), 1862-1940

Date: 1901-09-11

Buffalo Morning Express, Vol. LVI, No. 207, September 12, 1901


Buffalo Morning Express, Vol. LVI, No. 207, September 12, 1901, p. 1-12 (complete):

Page 1: Banner headline: Blood-County Show No Poisoning --/Out of Danger, Says Dr. McBurney - Five column article about President McKinley's condition and medical treatment; also includes information about Mrs. McKinley - "Requisition Papers" - Police collecting evidence for a conspiracy charge and rumor that Emma Goldman would be extradited to Buffalo

Page 2: - "Held for Conspiracy" - Court appearance of Emma Goldman in Chicago - "Will Not Demand Her" - Justice Dept. will let Buffalo police deal with Goldman - "Says It is Treason" - Claim by Minneapolis lawyer that Czolgosz should face the death penalty - "Czolgosz is a Puzzle" - Report on Czolgosz's behavior in prison - "Alarms at Rest" - Activities in and around the Milburn house

Page 3: - "Cabinet Meets" - Five Cabinet members meet in Buffalo - "To Bar Out Anarchists" - Proposed immigration restrictions - "Secretary Cortelyou" - Biography of Cortelyou and speculation that he will be appointed to the Cabinet at the next opening - "First to Grab Czolgosz" - Controversy over who was the first to grab Czolgosz - "Suing Exposition" - Electrical supplier sues the Pan Am Expo Co. over unpaid bill - "Breaking the News" - How Dr. Rixey told Mrs. McKinley about the shooting - "Surgeons at the Fair" - Some of McKinley's doctors visit the Pan Am

Page 4: - "Emma Goldman" - Biography and political beliefs

Page 6: - Short editorials, including some about McKinley's recovery and the suggested punishment for Czolgosz

Page 8: - "Payment on Bonds" - Pan-American Exposition Company authorizes payment on some of the mortgages - "Praise from Davitt" - Irish leader praises the illumination at the Pan Am - "Thefts at the Fair" - Brief reports of recent thefts at the Pan Am - "Jubilee Day's Plans" - Tentative plans for Jubilee Day (Sept. 21) at the Pan Am to celebrate McKinley's recovery

Page 9: - "Peninsular Doings" - Daily attendance statistics and short information on upcoming days including Florida Day, Illinois Day, Railroad Day, Lumberman Day, and Builders' Day

Page 10: - "Morning's Mail" - Letters to the editor about a Jubilee Week and clarifying that Czolgosz is a native born American

Resource Type: Newspaper

Subject: Pan-American Exposition; Presidents--Assassination; American newspapers; McKinley, William, 1843-1901; McKinley, Ida Saxton, 1847-1907; Park, Roswell, 1852-1914; Goldman, Emma, 1869-1940; Cortelyou, George B. (George Bruce), 1862-1940; Rixey, Presley Marion, 1852-1928

Date: 1901-09-12

Letter from William H. Hotchkiss to Theodore Roosevelt


William H. Hotchkiss offers his assistance to President Roosevelt.

Resource Type: Letter

Subject: New York (State)--Buffalo; Loeb, William, 1866-1937; Cortelyou, George B. (George Bruce), 1862-1940

Date: 1901-09-14

Buffalo Morning Express, Vol. LVI, No. 209, September 14, 1901


Page 1: Banner Headline: President M'Kinley is Dead --/His Soul Freed at 2.15 O'clock - Full page article with all the details of McKinley's last day and his death - includes subcategories entitled: Sad Day Begins, Hopeful Results, The Collapse, Friends Summoned, Salt and Oxygen, News from the House, Hanna's Fast Ride, Lieut. McKinley Calls, Specialists Summoned, His Former Pastor, Abner McKinley Shaken, Summoning Roosevelt, Yates and Harrison, After a Consultation, Still Conscious, Secretary Root Arrives, Col. Brown's News, False Alarm (cont. on page 2)

Page 2: - "Official Bulletins" - Text of bulletins put out by George B. Cortelyou - "Prematurely Stated" - Instances when news of McKinley's death was spread before McKinley had actually died - "Crowds Were Quiet" - Reactions of people that had gathered on Main Street in Buffalo - "Grief in Washington" - Short article on the question of succession and supposes that the entire Cabinet will resign - "New York Clearinghouse" - Reaction of leaders of the stock exchange

Page 3: - "William M'Kinley" - Biography of McKinley - "When Bryan Heard the News" - William Jennings Bryan's reaction

Page 4: - "Where is Czolgosz?" - Detailed account of the crowd control attempted by the Buffalo police around the jail where Czolgosz may or may not have been - "Saylin's Silence" - reaction of Dr. Saylin - "Goldman's Face Immobile" - reaction of Emma Goldman - "Investigating Goldman" - investigation in Cleveland, Ohio - "Mr. Penney's Evidence" - short article about the investigation - "Anarchists Will be Held" - in Chicago, Illinois - "Talk of Lynching" - in Chicago - "Nowak Came Too Late" - Story about Walter Nowak who claimed that he knew Czolgosz and could have prevented McKinley's assaassination - "First in the Line" - Text of letter written by Dr. Clinton Colegrove, the first man in the line to meet McKinley at the Temple of Music, suggestion that the Temple be left as a monument to McKinley

Page 5: - "Admired by Nurses" - Accounts of nurses that cared for McKinley

Page 6: - Memorial of McKinley - "The Stock Market" - advice to investors about the stock markets reaction to McKinley's death

Page 7: - Advertisements for various Midway attractions at the Pan-American Exposition

Page 8: - "Big Show Postponed" - Railroad Day postponed; atmosphere at the Pan Am and the preparations made by the directors for when news of McKinley's death came; also includes schedule of events for September 14 at the Pan Am - Two short news pieces about thefts at the Pan Am - "Booths Were Closed" - Closure of soft drink booths at the Pan Am due to non-payment to the Exposition - "Exposition Notes" - short news items from the Pan Am

Page 12: - Advertisement for "McKinley Number/of/The Illustrated Buffalo Express" to be published the next day (September 15)

Resource Type: Newspaper

Subject: Pan-American Exposition; Presidents--Assassination; American newspapers; McKinley, William, 1843-1901; McKinley, Ida Saxton, 1847-1907; Cortelyou, George B. (George Bruce), 1862-1940; Bryan, William Jennings, 1860-1925; Czolgosz, Leon F., 1873?-1901; Goldman, Emma, 1869-1940; Penney, Thomas

Date: 1901-09-14

Buffalo Sunday Times, Vol. XLIV, No. 53, September 15, 1901


Page 1: - Large black and white portrait photograph of Theodore Roosevelt with caption: Our New President, Theodore Roosevelt - "The Funeral on Wednesday" - Funeral arrangements for McKinley's funeral in Washington, D.C. - "Secy. Hay's Note to Foreign Representatives" - Text of John Hay's note about McKinley's death - "Representative of King May Attend Funeral" - Reports from England - "The Post of Honor to the Grand Army Legion" - Arrangements being made at the Capitol and White House - "Acting Secretary Hackett's Order" - Notice of McKinley's death to the men in the navy and army by Acting Secretary of the Navy, F. W. Hackett - "Brief Funeral Services on Wednesday Morning" - Services to be held in Washington, D.C. - "President's Proclamation" - Text of Theodore Roosevelt's proclamation - "Pauncefote's Telegram" - Text of telegram from Lord Pauncefote of England - "Archbishop of Canterbury" - Condolences on McKinley's death - "All Business Suspended" - Response in Santiago de Cuba - "President's Family" - Progress of Roosevelt's family to Oyster Bay - "M'Kinley's Home is Heavily Draped in Black" - From Canton, Ohio - "Mayor of Rochester, Eng. to Rochester, NY" - Message expressing condolences - "Governor Stone Sends Telegram to Roosevelt" - Message from the governor of Pennsylvania - "Governor's Proclamation" - Text of proclamation by New York State Governor R. B. Odell Jr. - "Hon. David B. Hill's High Tribute to the Dead" - Statement by former Senator from New York - "Late President's Insurance" - Info on McKinley's life insurance policies - "Business Will Cease" - In Niagara Falls, New York

Page 2: - Three black and white photographs - two of Theodore Roosevelt [captions: Theodore Roosevelt as Lieutenant Colonel of the Rough Riders; Theodore Roosevelt as He Appeared When Police Commissioner of New York City] and one of "Miss Alice Roosevelt" - "Marine Circles Were Much Affected by Sad News" - Flags at half staff on shipping vessels - "Emma Goldman Threatened by a Chicago Mob" - "King Edward Sends Message of Sorrow to Choate" - "Governor Odell Voices an Expression" - Statement by New York State governor - "Secretary Gage's Tribute" - "Tammany Leader's Tribute to M'Kinley"

Page 3: - Editorials about Theodore Roosevelt as president, presidential security, and anarchism

Page 4: - Articles about the reaction to McKinley's death in various Western New York communities including Silver Creek, Jamestown, and Dunkirk

Page 5: - "Morning Performance Now" - at the Pan-American Exposition's Indian Congress - "The Magic Flute" - Concession on the Midway at the Pan Am - "Bostock's Great Show" - Article about Bostock's Pan Am concession - "How Important News was Disseminated by Telephone" - Describes the route that news about McKinley took via the telephone lines

Page 7: Black and white photographs of "the McKinley Burial Plot" and "One of the Latest Photographs of Wounded President" - Drawing of the Milburn House with scenes of "Crowds Awaiting Bulletins" and "Removing the President from the Hospital" at the lower left and upper right corners respectively - "Attacks on Presidents" - Story about previous attempted and successful assassinations of presidents - "Pan-American Exposition Program" - List of special days and events at the Pan Am

Page 11: - Drawing of Leon Czolgosz, John Wilkes Booth, and Charles Guiteau; captioned: The Three Murderers of American Presidents

Page 13: Banner headline: Body of President M'Kinley Will Lie in State at City Hall Today - "Body in State at City Hall" - Details of funeral in Buffalo and funeral train to Washington - "Body of President Was Not Laid Out" - "Sabbath of Sorrow for All in Buffalo" - Details of some memorial services - "Death Mask" - Death mask to be created by a Washington artist - "Mrs M'Kinley is Bearing Her Grief Bravely" - Report on Mrs. McKinley - "Touching Words of Senator Hanna" - Statement by Mark Hanna - "Was President Killed by Poisoned Bullet?" - Speculation about cause of McKinley's death - "Theodore Roosevelt Takes Oath and He is Now Our President" - Details of inauguration - "Czolgosz's Case Comes Up Tomorrow" - Grand jury proceedings - "How the President Passed the Evening" - People that visited Roosevelt at the Wilcox house - "Czolgosz Removed!" - Czolgosz moved from police headquarters

Page 14: - 7 black and white portrait photographs of the doctors involved in McKinley's care - Black and white photograph of Representative Grosvenor, Senator Fairbanks, and Senator Hanna - "Meeting of Common Council Yesterday Afternoon" - Resolution from the Buffalo Common Council on McKinley's death - "James B. Parker Misrepresented" - Correction on previous article - "Buffalo in Mourning Over President's Sad Death" - Reaction of the city - "Czolgosz Suspects in North Tonawanda" - Police holding two anarchists - "Grand Army Day, Memorial Service" - Modified plans for Grand Army of the Republic Day at the Pan Am - "Police Orders for Viewing the Body" - Arrangements for the public to view McKinley's body at City Hall - "Coroner Wilson Says He is Sorry He Gave News" - Coroner was source of premature news of McKinley's death - "Words of Sympathy from Bishop Quigley" - Statement from Catholic bishop - "From the Adirondacks to Buffalo with Roosevelt" - How they found TR on Mount Marcy

Page 15: - Black and white photographs of McKinley at the Pan Am Stadium on September 5, reviewing the troops; tent outside the Milburn House for the soldiers and newspaper men; flowers sent to McKinley by Governor Gregory of Rhode Island; President McKinley's sisters leaving the Milburn House - "Thousands Gathered About the House of the Dead" - Scene at the Milburn House [drawing of sectional view of the Milburn House] - "City is Black in Its Somber Garb" - Flags at half staff - "Czolgosz Now Stands Charged with Murder" - Details of the charges and where Czolgosz was being held - "Callers to Express Their Sympathy" - Callers to the Milburn House - "Experience of Secret Service Man at Exposition" - How two Secret Service men didn't know that the other was there

Page 16: - Black and white photographs of the home of Emma Goldman's parents in Rochester; anarchists' headquarters at St. John's Street, Chicago; the weapon used to shoot McKinley; Emma Goldman - Pen and ink drawing of "Nowak's Hotel in Broadway, Where Leon Czolgosz Stopped in Buffalo" - "Beautiful Tribute by Judge Murphy" - Statement - "Young Law Student Walks from Nebraska" - Walk to build up health/visit the Pan-American Exposition - "Emma Goldman's Family: Facts Concerning Them"

Page 17: - Black and white photograph: "Dr. Rixey and Secretary Cortelyou in Consultation on Rear Porch of the Milburn Residence" - "Camp Milburn and Its Many Bright Journalists" - Information on the journalists that reported about McKinley's condition - "Business Man Says Give Anarchists to the People" - Uncredited editorial

Page 19: - Black and white photographs of scenes from the Pan Am including: View of the Triumphal Bridge on President's Day at the Exposition; President and Escort Approaching the Temple of Music Shortly Before Czolgosz Fired the Fatal Shots; View of the Electric Tower From the Bandstand

Page 21: - "Remarkable Test of Endurance" - Full page article with map and photos of the law student from Nebraska that walked to Buffalo to visit the Pan Am

Page 24: - Black and white portrait photograph of Judge John Hazel, "Who Swore in Theodore Roosevelt as President of the United States"

Resource Type: Newspaper

Subject: Pan-American Exposition; Presidents--Assassination; Presidents--Inauguration; American newspapers; Ansley Wilcox House (Buffalo, N.Y.); Hay, John, 1838-1905; Odell, Benjamin B. (Benjamin Barker), 1854-1926; Roosevelt, Theodore, 1858-1919; Longworth, Alice Roosevelt, 1884-1980; McKinley, William, 1843-1901; McKinley, Ida Saxton, 1847-1907; Hanna, Marcus Alonzo, 1837-1904; Parker, James B.; Rixey, Presley Marion, 1852-1928; Cortelyou, George B. (George Bruce), 1862-1940; Goldman, Emma, 1869-1940

Date: 1901-09-15

Illustrated Buffalo Express, Vol. XVIII, No. 50, September 15, 1901


Page 1: - Black and white photographs captioned as: The President Addressing the Throng at the Exposition on "President's Day," September 5th; The Latest Portrait of the President [McKinley driving to the Temple of Music on September 6]; President's Day at the Exposition: The President (at Extreme Left) and a Part of His Audience in the Esplanade; The Military Review in the Stadium - "Souvenir Pictures of the President" - Article giving a context for the photos - "A Man of Good Cheer" - Stories about McKinley's humor and good nature (cont. on page 8)

Page 2: - Black and white photographs captioned: Men Who Worked to Help the President Back to Health: Six of the Attending Physicians, and the President's Private Secretary [portrait photos]; Mrs. McKinley Listening to the President; The Stricken President: Tents for Military Guard and Reporters, Opposite Milburn Residence; The President, Mrs. McKinley and Mr. Milburn Driving Through the Exposition Grounds, Sept. 5th; President McKinley's Residence, Canton O.; View on President McKinley's Farm - "To Guard Our Rulers" - Interview with Jacques Griscelli, guard of Napoleon III - "Esteem for McKinley" - Regard for McKinley in Washington, D.C.

Page 3: - Black and white photographs captioned: Wm. McKinley as 2nd Lieutenant; Old Sparrow House, Poland, O., Where Mr. McKinley Enlisted; William McKinley's Birthplace at Niles, O., Torn Down in 1895; Schoolhouse Near Poland, O., Where Mr. McKinley Taught; Seminary at Poland, O., Attended by McKinley: Now Torn Down - "In McKinley's Youth" - McKinley's early years in Ohio - "Stories of Celebrities" - Anecdotes about President Hayes and Admiral Dewey

Page 4; - Black and white photographs captioned: The President, the Best Portrait of Him Ever Made; Shaking Hands with the President [outside the Government Building on September 5]; The President and Party in the Govt. Building at the Exposition the Day Before He Was Shot; Where the President Was Shot Down in the Temple of Music [including numbers where McKinley and Czolgosz were standing]; The Wounded President Being Taken into the Exposition Hospital, Sept. 6th - "Shooting at Jackson" by Milton T. Adkins - Story of attempted assassination of Andrew Jackson in 1836

Page 5: - Black and white portrait photographs captioned: Mrs. McKinley, in Her Inauguration Gown; Mrs. McKinley at Time of Marriage (1871); Mrs. McKinley Several Years Ago; Interesting Early Portraits of Mrs. McKinley (group portraits); Two Interesting Early Portraits of Mrs. McKinley, When She was Ida Saxton (age 16 and 18); Mr. and Mrs. McKinley as They Were 25 Years Ago

Page 7: - "Emma Goldman's Life" - Biography and quotes from Emma Goldman

Page 8: - Black and white photographs captioned: The President's Assassin; Pan-American Exhibit of Germania Wine Cellars - "Germania Wine Cellars" - Exhibit in the Horticultural Building at the Pan Am

Page 9: Banner headline: Roosevelt Quickly Sworn In As President --/M'Kinley's Body to Lie in the City Hall - Long article with extensive details about Theodore Roosevelt's taking the oath of office at the home of Ansley Wilcox (cont. on page 11) - Article about the funeral arrangements in Buffalo for William McKinley (cont. on page 2)

Page 10: - "Washington Ceremonies" - Arrangements for McKinley's funeral in Washington, D.C. - "Scenes at the Milburn Home" - Details of the events at the Milburn House from the time of McKinley's death until TR was sworn in - "Here is a Man of Iron" - Article about George B. Cortelyou and his role from the time of the shooting until McKinley's death - "World-Wide Grief" - Reactions from around the U.S. and the world to McKinley's death - "All England Mourns" - Article about the events to commemorate McKinley in England

Page 11: - "Buffalo the Capital" - Information about the scene in Washington, D.C., and the arrangements for McKinley's funeral and the transfer of power - "Words of Eulogy" - Quotes from various prominent men including former President Grover Cleveland, Williams Jennings Bryan, and New York State Governor Odell - "Now for Czolgosz" - Information about the legal proceedings against Czolgosz, especially information about the grand jury - "Assassin's Whereabouts" - Speculation on where Czolgosz was being held - "Still Hold Anarchists" - Information about case against Emma Goldman in Chicago as well as other short articles about the anti-anarchist reaction around the country - "States and Nations" - Report from a meeting of the Executive Commissioners' Association of the Pan Am

Page 12: - "Eaten by Gangrene" - Word for word interviews with McKinley's doctors about his care including Dr. Matthew Mann and Dr. Roswell Park - "Proclamations" - Text of the proclamations issued by Theodore Roosevelt and New York State Governor Benjamin Odell

Page 13: - "Cabinet Meeting" - Report about Roosevelt's meeting with the Cabinet after his inauguration as well as a meeting between the Cabinet members after they had left the Wilcox house - article suggests that the entire Cabinet was going to resign after two months - "G.A.R. Memorials" - Plans for the Grand Army of the Republic Day at the Pan Am - "City Hall in Mourning" - Describes the decoration of City Hall - "Supt. Bull's Statement" - Statement by Police Superintendent Bull that Czolgosz had been moved - "Church Bells Toll" - Request that the bells on all of Buffalo's Catholic churches be rung as the funeral cortege leaves - "Police Arrangements" - Details of the funeral procession from the Milburn House to City Hall - "Mrs. M'Kinley Brave"- About Mrs. McKinley - "War Department Orders" - Complete details about the funeral plans in Washington, D.C. - "City Takes Action" - Text of resolutions passed by the Buffalo Mayor and Common Council

Page 14: - "Exposition Closed" - Closed on September 14 and 15; to reopen the next day (September 16) - "Schools Not Affected" - Notice that schools would be open on Monday, September 16 - "Indians Mourn" - How Geronimo and the other Indians at the Indian Congress memorialized McKinley - "Exposition Notes" - Short, non-McKinley related news items from the Pan Am - "Girls Did Well" - Information on how the telephone system sustained the demand for information on McKinley's condition

Page 17: - "New York State Topics" - Short article about mail carrier that was fired for saying that McKinley's assassination was a good thing

Page 18: - "Fort Erie in Mourning" - Horse races in Fort Erie cancelled all races until Monday (September 16) - "Yacht Races Postponed" - "Auto Run Declared Off" - Auto race from New York, to have ended in Buffalo, ended early in Rochester

Resource Type: Newspaper

Subject: Pan-American Exposition; Presidents--Assassination; Presidents--Inauguration; American newspapers; Ansley Wilcox House (Buffalo, N.Y.); McKinley, William, 1843-1901; McKinley, Ida Saxton, 1847-1907; Milburn, John G. (John George), 1851-1930; Rixey, Presley Marion, 1852-1928; Cortelyou, George B. (George Bruce), 1862-1940; Mann, Matthew D. (Matthew Darbyshire), 1845-1921; Park, Roswell, 1852-1914; Dewey, George, 1837-1917; Jackson, Andrew, 1767-1845; Roosevelt, Theodore, 1858-1919; Odell, Benjamin B. (Benjamin Barker), 1854-1926; Goldman, Emma, 1869-1940; Hayes, Rutherford B., 1822-1893

Date: 1901-09-15

Buffalo Courier, Vol. LXVI, No. 258, September 15, 1901


Buffalo Courier, Vol. LXVI, No. 258, September 15, 1901, pages 1-8:

Page 1: - Black and white photographs captioned: Reporters Getting the Latest News from Dr. Roswell Park, After a Consultation; Abner McKinley, the President's Brother, and Friends Returning from a Call at Mr. Milburn's House; Drs. Mann and McBurney Leaving the Milburn House After a Consultation; Senator Hanna Arriving at the Milburn House to Call on the Chief Executive; Two Loads of Soldiers of the 14th Infantry, Returning to Fort Porter After All-Night Guard Duty at the Milburn House; President McKinley's Sisters, Miss Alice McKinley and Mrs. Duncan, Going to Call on the President

Page 3: - Banner headline: The Memorable Sixth of September, 1901 - Black and white photographs captioned: President McKinley About to Leave John G. Milburn's Home in the Morning; President McKinley and Party at Terrapin Point, Niagara Falls.; The President and Party Ascending the Path on Goat Island, Niagara Falls; The Chief Executive Enjoying a Near View of the Cataract from Prospect Point; Crowds Surrounding the Temple of Music in Anticipation of the Public Reception by the President; Crowds Around the Pan-American Emergency Hospital While the President Was Being Removed from the Ambulance; George Cortelyou

Page 4: - Black and white photographs captioned: The Social Side of the Chief Executive's Life/The President and Mrs. McKinley Dining at the Hanna Home in Cleveland.; Palm-Deocrated Corner in the Temple of Music Where the Receiving Party Stood; Marked by a Star is the Chair in Which the Wounded President Awaited the Arrival of the Ambulance

Page 5: - Black and white portrait photographs of Mrs. M'Kinley, Dr. M.D. Mann, Dr. Herman Mynter, Dr. Roswell Park, Dr. John H. Pryor, Dr. John Parmenter

Page 6: - Black and white photographs captioned: The home of John G. Milburn; Reception Room in the Buffalo Club Where the Members of the Cabinet Held Their Meetings; A View of the Milburn Home with Soldiers and Police on Guard; Buffalo Police Headquarters, Where Czolgosz, the Anarchists, Is Confined; Gen. W.S. Bull/Chief of Buffalo Police; Leon F. Czolgosz/The Anarchist Who Shot the President

Page 8: - Black and white portrait photographed captioned: Mrs. Adelbert Moot/Mrs. Moot Went to the Falls with the Presidential Party on the Day of the Shooting, and Represented the Women's Board of Managers at the Various Social Functions; drawing captioned: The Attempted Assassination of the President

Resource Type: Newspaper

Subject: Presidents--Assassination; American newspapers; Park, Roswell, 1852-1914; Mann, Matthew D. (Matthew Darbyshire), 1845-1921; Hanna, Marcus Alonzo, 1837-1904; McKinley, William, 1843-1901; Cortelyou, George B. (George Bruce), 1862-1940; McKinley, Ida Saxton, 1847-1907

Date: 1901-09-15

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