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Letter from Joseph Bucklin Bishop to Theodore Roosevelt


Joseph Bucklin Bishop advises President Roosevelt to accept an original cartoon drawing, for which Roosevelt expressed admiration, from the artist. Bishop calls Charles Green Bush, cartoonist for the New York World, "the most powerful cartoonist in the country." Bishop also mentions a recent conversation with Nicholas Murray Butler.

Resource Type: Letter

Subject: Cartoonists; Editorial cartoons--Political aspects; Butler, Nicholas Murray, 1862-1947; Bush, Charles Green, 1842-1909

Date: 1903-11-13

For sale


On the left, a woman walks on a street in the "Red Light District." A policeman stands on the corner watching her. On the right, several men sit in chairs in front of place-markers on the wall that describe each person: "Orator and Politician. Will sell myself to the highest bidder," "Editorial Writer. Views that I don't believe in. For sale," "College Professor. Education directed to please those who have the money," "Cartoonist for sale to any party (Depending on the price)," "Minister. Sermons to please those who pay the pew rent," and a "Law[yer]." Caption: Which is the greater evil - the woman of the streets or these mental prostitutes?

Resource Type: Cartoon

Subject: Authors; Cartoonists; Clergy; Lawyers; Politicians; Prostitutes; Red-light districts; Teachers

Date: 1911-12-20

Alfred W. Brewerton


Unidentified and undated page with a short article about political cartoonist Alfred West Brewerton. At the top is a cartoon of Brewerton drawing a cartoon with Theodore Roosevelt shooting a pistol and riding a moose in the direction of a sign labeled "To Chicago."

Resource Type: Magazine article

Subject: Cartoonists--Biography; Presidents--Caricatures and cartoons; Moose; Roosevelt, Theodore, 1858-1919

Date: Unknown

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