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A Visit from Saint Nicholas


The children's Christmas book titled A Visit from Saint Nicholas tells the story of Saint Nicholas, or Santa Claus, and his visit to a family's home on the night before Christmas. The story would later be known as The Night Before Christmas.

Resource Type: Book

Subject: Children's books; Christmas stories; Holidays; Santa Claus; Books and reading

Date: 1862

Clippings scrapbook, volume one


Scrapbook of clippings from various periodicals related to the activities of Theodore Roosevelt Sr. and his son, Theodore Roosevelt. The clippings related to Roosevelt Sr. generally reference his work with the allotment system during the American Civil War and his charity work. The clippings related to Roosevelt are generally reviews of his books and articles regarding his work on civil service reform.

Resource Type: Scrapbook

Subject: American Civil War (1861-1865); Soldiers--Salaries, etc.; Soldiers--Services for; Charities--Administration; Books--Reviews; Civil service reform; New York (State)--New York

Date: 1862-1896

Diary of Theodore Roosevelt from December 3, 1869 to January 7, 1870


Eleven-year-old Theodore Roosevelt continues chronicling his family trip through Europe in this diary. First entry is titled, "The continuation of my Journel [sic] in France December 3rd 1869." There are entries from across Western Europe including Naples, Rome, and Caserta. Lists at end of volume: "Accounts my money," "Hotel index," "Plan of hotels," and "Letters received."

Resource Type: Diary

Subject: Travel; Money; Hotels; Letters; Christmas; Holidays; Europe, Western; France; Italy

Date: 1869-1870

Letter from Theodore Roosevelt to Dora Watkins and Thomas Watkins


The Roosevelts spent Christmas in Rome and there were many presents. They ascended Mount Vesuvius and Roosevelt stuck an alpine stick into a small crater which caught the stick on fire. The route down from Vesuvius was very rough.

Resource Type: Letter

Subject: Family vacations; Christmas; Gifts; Volcanoes; Italy--Rome; Italy--Vesuvius; Roosevelt, Theodore, 1831-1878; Roosevelt, Elliott, 1860-1894

Date: 1870-01-06

Letter from Theodore Roosevelt to Theodore Roosevelt


Theodore Roosevelt is having a "splendid time" in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and will stay until Saturday. He is enjoying the books and specimens at the academy.

Resource Type: Letter

Subject: Books and reading; Zoological specimens

Date: 1872-09-18

Dresden Literary American Club: Club Book


A notebook with short stories, poetry and some riddles composed by Theodore Roosevelt, Corinne Roosevelt, Elliott Roosevelt, John Elliott and Maud Elliot during their time together in Dresden, Germany.  The last two pages consist of French conjugations. The front and end pages consist of rough sketched maps.

Entries for July 20, 1873: Morning calls among the dogs, part 1 by T. Roosevelt; Mrs. Doolittle's adventures in Germany by J. Elliott: My Ghost by E. Roosevelt; Riddles by M. Elliott; and, Criticisms by C. Roosevelt.

Entries for September 7, 1873: The party, part 1 by J. Elliott; Nonsense Verses and Our journey to Samaden by E. Roosevelt; The night by C. Roosevelt; and, Morning calls among the dogs, part 2 by T. Roosevelt.

Entries for September 15, 1873: Adventures in Shopping? by T. Roosevelt; Just my luck by E. Roosevelt; The party, part 2 by J. Elliott; The broken ring by C. Roosevelt; and, Portrait of a quiet man by M. Elliott.

Resource Type: Notebook

Subject: Short stories, American; American poetry; Riddles, American; Books and reading

Date: 1873

Letter from Theodore Roosevelt to Edith Kermit Carow


Since Corinne Roosevelt had been writing so much, Theodore Roosevelt had not previously written to Edith Kermit Carow. Roosevelt has been enjoying the trip and killed several hundred birds with a shotgun his father gave him. He particularly enjoyed Egypt and camping in Syria.

Resource Type: Letter

Subject: Family vacations; Camping; Tents; Hunting; Fowling; Egypt; Syria; Robinson, Corinne Roosevelt, 1861-1933; Roosevelt, Theodore, 1831-1878

Date: 1873-04-13

The Dresden Literary American Club


During their stay in Germany, three Roosevelt children and their Elliott cousins formed the Dresden Literary American Club, which met on Sundays to write stories and poetry. Left to right: Theodore Roosevelt, Elliott Roosevelt, Maud Elliott, Corinne Roosevelt, and John Elliott.

Resource Type: Photograph

Subject: Children--Books and reading--Societies, etc.; Germany; Roosevelt, Theodore, 1858-1919; Roosevelt, Elliott, 1860-1894; Robinson, Corinne Roosevelt, 1861-1933; Elliott, Maud; Elliott, John Stuart

Date: 1873-07-01

Letter from Theodore Roosevelt to Anna Roosevelt


Theodore Roosevelt writes to his sister Anna asking a few questions and describing in detail how he spends his days at Harvard with sample schedules for a Monday and a Saturday. The letter also requests that books be sent from home. He wants everyone from home to keep writing him as well. 

Resource Type: Letter

Subject: College students--Conduct of life; Letters; Books and reading; Exercise; Harvard College (1780- )

Date: 1876-11-01

Letter from Theodore Roosevelt to Corinne Roosevelt Robinson


Theodore Roosevelt writes to his sister about life at Harvard College, including dance class and the girls he has met, plans to bring his friends home at Christmas, and his club activities with classmates Minot, Saltonstall, and Gardiner.

Resource Type: Letter

Subject: College students--Social life and customs; College students--Societies and clubs; Christmas; Harvard College (1780- ); Minot, H. D. (Henry Davis), 1859-1890; Cowles, Anna Roosevelt, 1855-1931

Date: 1876-11-26

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