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Letter from Theodore Roosevelt to Gifford Pinchot


After receiving a letter from Caspar Whitney, President Roosevelt would like to know if he can do anything to help protect game in Wyoming.

Resource Type: Letter

Subject: Game protection; Wyoming; United States. Department of Agriculture; Whitney, Caspar, 1862-1929

Date: 1902-05-08

Letter from Theodore Roosevelt to Austin Wadsworth


President Roosevelt writes regarding a letter from Catherine Winthrop Sargent on protecting game in Wyoming. After consulting Gifford Pinchot, Roosevelt believes that the matter should be turned over to the Boone and Crockett Club.

Resource Type: Letter

Subject: Game protection; Wyoming; Boone and Crockett Club; Pinchot, Gifford, 1865-1946; Sargent, Catherine Winthrop

Date: 1902-05-20

Letter from Theodore Roosevelt to John Pitcher


President Roosevelt would like information on game protection in Yellowstone National Park.

Resource Type: Letter

Subject: Game protection; Poaching; American bison; American beaver; Elk; United States--Yellowstone National Park

Date: 1902-10-24

Telegram from Theodore Roosevelt to D. Lange


President Roosevelt is always pleased to hear of efforts to protect game and commends the League of American Sportsmen for their interest in the subject.

Resource Type: Telegram

Subject: Game protection; League of American Sportsmen

Date: 1903-02-11

Beginning of the millennum


President Roosevelt shakes hands with a bear, wearing a satchel labeled "Plans for Preservation of Big Game." Caption: The President Says That on This Trip West Probably Not a Shot Will Be Fired--Harper's Weekly

Resource Type: Cartoon

Subject: Bears; Game protection; Roosevelt, Theodore, 1858-1919

Date: 1903-04-04

Speech of President Roosevelt at laying of the cornerstones of gateway to Yellowstone National Park, Gardiner, Montana, April 24, 1903


President Roosevelt’s speech while laying a cornerstone at the gateway to Yellowstone National Park. He discusses the creation of the park and its purpose. He also thanks the people for their cooperation to prevent acts of vandalism and destruction in the park.

Resource Type: Speech

Subject: Game protection; Forest conservation; Wildlife conservation; Natural areas; Landscape protection; National parks and reserves; Montana--Gardiner; United States--Yellowstone National Park Region

Date: 1903-04-24

Letter from Theodore Roosevelt to Robert Bridges


President Roosevelt admires Mr. Ireland's article on game preservation and asks Robert Bridges to convey his compliments to Ireland.

Resource Type: Letter

Subject: Game protection; Periodicals

Date: 1903-08-07

Pelican Island Reservation for protection of native birds


President Roosevelt's second executive order No. 1014, dated January 26, 1909, enlarging Pelican Island Reservation, Florida, which had been established by him on March 13, 1903. This order expands lands to include all mangrove and other islands within sections nine and ten, t. 315. f. 39e.

Resource Type: Legal document

Subject: Executive orders; Birds--Conservation; Wildlife refuges--Law and legislation; National parks and reserves--Law and legislation; Florida--Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge

Date: 1909-01-26

Letter from William T. Hornaday to Howard R. Bayne


William T. Hornaday is convinced that any further changes to the Bayne bill will prevent the bill from being passed. Hornaday will not cease work on the cause until they triumph.

Resource Type: Letter

Subject: Bills, Legislative; Game protection

Date: 1911-05-19

Letter from Theodore Roosevelt to Alice Roseley


Theodore Roosevelt thanks Alice Roseley for her letter. Roosevelt writes that he is greatly interested in the conservation of birds.

Resource Type: Letter

Subject: Thank-you notes; Birds--Conservation

Date: 1911-07-28

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